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  1. Ribbon/billboard trails

    OK thank you I managed it, altough I still don't understand why switcoder added "a direction constant indicating left or right side of the strip"
  2. Ribbon/billboard trails

    Hello, I'm trying to reproduce your method for billboarding trails, but I've some difficulties... You mentionned "Direction constants" :     Assuming direction of the segment is UnitZ, and the normal of the segment UnitY : direction constants are UnitX for thie left side and -UnitX for the right part ? I mean, these two vectors point outside the segment. But the result is not correct.   Here is how I implemented your description :   Vector3 dir = Vector3.Normalize(cameraPosition - Position); Vector3 dir2 = Vector3.Normalize(Vector3.Cross(dir, Direction)); //Direction = UnitZ Vector3 final = Position + dir2 * OutSideDir; //UnitX and then multiply by ViewProj matrix   Thank you for your help
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