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  1. Thank you for the tutorials. Those 3 are my main programs.
  2. I like the design, congratulation for the greenlight.
  3. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Looks good. Nice work.
  5. It looks really good. The snowy exteriors as well as the medieval interiors. Nice job !
  6. I will choose unreal. But purely because I favor graphics...
  7. Hi. I am proud to anounce my new 3d model is availble on CGTrader.     Everything share the same material.   The package contains 4 types of objects :  • Books_blocks from 188 to 524 tris,  • Bookshelf_double 2270 tris,  • Bookshelf_single 1067,  • Bookshelf_single_LOD 322 tris.         Each 4 material is composed of 3 textures:   • Diffuse map 1024 px,  • Tangent normal map 1024 px,  • Specular/Gloss map 1024 px.     • UVs are unwrapped,  • Tangent Normal map using smoothing groups and UV islands.
  8. Impressive work 
  9. The smoke effect looks super good...
  10. My opinion : Blender is better, but it takes time to learn it. 3dstudio max is easier to learn, more intuitive. It is a classical approach, and you wont be lost.   In Blender I save a lot of time. One of the strong features amongts others, is that you can lay down UVs with ease and speed.
  11. Hey everyone. Here is some wireframe of a spooky scenery i did. Final view : deviantart   [twitter]Benoit_3D[/twitter]
  12. Hello felow gamedevs. Here is an addition to the cemetery package.     A quick spec summary:  17 meshes,   1 material  Normal, Specular, Diffuse textures 1024 px, File formats: FBX, BLEND, OBJ, 3DS, STL. If you are curious it is on CGTrader. Visit the Link
  13.   Optimized for games. See the details on the site.
  14.   This package contains low-poly normal mapped props to decorate a cemetery environment.   ZIP content:   • 20 meshes,  • 4 materials,  • Normal, Specular, Diffuse texture for each,  • Ajustable glow color for the lantern,  • Movable, combinatory shapes, for more variety  • File formats: FBX, BLEND, OBJ, 3DS.   Links to individuals assets    • [url=]Hand Lanterns[/url]...........(5$)  • [url=]Shovel[/url]........................(4$)  • [url=]Stone Heads[/url]...............(9$)  • [url=]Coffin[/url]...........................(12$)   More screenshots on [url=]CGtrader[/url].