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  1. my first unity scene.

    It looks good.
  2. Wireframe of my graveyard scenery

    Thank you @katastrophic88.
  3. 2D Show Off

    Well done.
  4. Wireframe of my graveyard scenery

    @Scouting Ninja Thank you, I appreciate it since it is intended for games. I had such dreams before. But it appears making a game by myself is time consuming. So I stick to assets production, and I am glad when it is used in someone else project. @Uncharted_Artist Thank you, I appreciate your support.
  5. 4th World background Artwork for SAMA

    Looks good !
  6. ds_1.gif

    Nice work, thank you for sharing. Is it playable online ?
  7. Beer shop package

  8. Unfortunate twist of events

    The same on different plateforms: Deviant art Twitter

    © Benoit Flaig

  9. Low-poly ornamental shield

    My new contribution. I hope you will like it. Details here.
  10. https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/interior/house/victorian-sconce https://fr.3dexport.com/3dmodel-victorian-sconce-173747.htm
  11. Low-poly Neo Gothic Fireplace

    • Albedo map 1024 px, • Tangent normal map 1024 px, • Specular map 1024 px, • Glossiness map 1024 px.• Fireplace mesh : 276 tris • Grate : 976 tris Details here.
  12. Post Vice

    • Albedo 1024 px, • Tangent normal map 1024 px, • Glossiness map 1024 px, • Specular map 1024 px. More specs and screenshots here.
  13. BIG3:Blender Inkscape Gimp

    Thank you for the tutorials. Those 3 are my main programs.
  14. Stitched on Steam Greenlight

    I like the design, congratulation for the greenlight.
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