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  1. This sounds like an amazing project, I wish you all the luck with it's development. I hope you're able to help many people with the result.
  2. Wolf Beaumont

    Building a Team

    My name is Wolf Beaumont and I've worked on five games over the past decade. The first was a free game that I produced which we completed (SolarBASIC). The next three were designed and produced by me and they failed spectacularly for various reasons. But I learnt some great lessons from these failures. My latest game is Dragon Kingdoms, a digital card game which we are currently wrapping up development on, which has been a great relief and sense of achievement for both me and the team, for whom it is their first game. I'm looking to put a new team together, to develop prototypes and explore our more interesting results as full games. The idea is to create several small games with quick development cycles that we can easily take to market without the need for funding. By quick I mean 3-4 month pipelines. So at this stage, I'm open to any and all applications from every skillset. I'm looking to put together a highly-skilled team looking for a tight unit that is result orientated. Any revenues would be split equally amongst the team. I believe I'm a great designer and producer, but I've got plenty of failures in my past both in and out of my control. What I can say is that I'm committed and loyal. If you think you've got the skill and you're looking for a team that sounds like this, contact me on discord (I prefer real-time communication and we'd be communicating ultimately via discord anyway). Discord ID: Wolf#6791 Sincerely, Wolf P.S. If for some reason Discord doesn't work, my email is wolf.beaumont at gmail.com
  3. This sounds super sketchy, even if it is pinned. The fact that it's practically unknown isn't exactly going to help with tapping into the platforms viewers either. Something relied on in platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo.
  4. Hi Folks, We're looking for a sound designer and composer for our project called Dragon Kingdoms, a digital comedy/fantasy card game. Assets would consist of about a dozen sfx and 4-5 musical compositions, each about 3-4 minutes in length. All SFX and 1 composition would be required before our kickstarter which begins on June 1st. The remaining compositions would only be required upon completion of the kickstarter. All compensation comes via the kickstarter's success, which includes assets produced before it. Fees are negotiable. Please email me with your pricing and a link to your online portfolio to begin discussions: wolf.beaumont at gmail.com Sincerely, Wolf Beaumont
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