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    Pointless Wars - [Turn-Based Pointless Strategy]

    Heey! It's been a while... I've uploaded and alpha version of the game at itch.io, if you want to take a look go ahead! It doesn't have much, but...   And multiplayer works theoretically!   Download at: pointlesswars.com  
  2. Davi Doro

    Find the domain of this function.

    Ah, thanks! You are correct, I found my mistake, at some point I forgot a parentesis and got:   abs(v) >= sqrt(gy + sqrt(y^2 + x^2))   Now I can land my arrows accurately :)
  3. Look at this function at wikipedia:    That's the angle required to hit coordinate (x,y) given x, y, initial speed v and gravity g. Now I want to find the values of v for which the function is not complex, i.e.:   v? - g(gx² + 2yv²) ? 0   Again, g, x and y are constants.   Can you help me with this? Thanks!
  4. Davi Doro

    Store player statistics locally

    I don't trust my current base knowledge to properly handle people's password nor the budget to pay for this service. At the same time, not having a ranked match-making would take away much of the fun.   Follow up questions: If my game happens to be greenlit and is on Steam exclusively, can I store these statistics on Steam servers? Then the player wouldn't have to create an account for my game, right? What should I know about Steam API regarding to this that I'm asking?   Thanks for the help!
  5. Hello friends,   Here's the scenario: I'm currently developing a 1v1 turn based strategy game. Players can play online using the match-making server. Can I store player statistics locally (on the player's machine), such as number of victories and his rank according to his performance, in a way that the player cannot exploit (cannot = very very hard to)? I want to match players according to their rankings, but I don't want to make a player authentication system and store their scores on my server, it's just too much work.   My first thought was to cryptography their statistics, does that do the job? What are my options?   Thanks!
  6. Davi Doro

    Pointless Wars - [Turn-Based Pointless Strategy]

    I'm actually currently working on the demo. My prediction is that I'll release it on late August, which is when I plan to start the Greenlight campaign. I'll let people know when the demo is out!
  7. Davi Doro

    Pointless Wars - [Turn-Based Pointless Strategy]

    Thank you mate, I have a composer already but I appreciate the interest. I took a look at your site, good stuff! Good luck!
  8. Davi Doro

    Pointless Wars - [Turn-Based Pointless Strategy]

    I'm making the interface less dull, adding some transitions and stuff. Unit out: Unit in:   Oh, by the way, did you noticed this sick new logo by @jdewojno? He had never done anything like this before, what a guy.
  9. Davi Doro

    About multiplayer game testing

    MatthewMorris thank you for your detailed answer. Unfortunately, unless your company accepts ramen as a payment option, my college sponsorship does not cover game server hosting expenses. But since we talking business here, what are the chances that me and other companies sign a deal that stablishes you gain a percent of the game profit? They say its the next Hearthstone (they = my mom).   frob yes I think I can make a stress test of the server by my own, it would take 2 weeks or so to automate things but it's doable, so I guess I'll add that to my to do list.   hplus0603 yes, I'll make sure everyone and their mother care when the game is out. It is the best game of the universe after all. Now if you excuse me, I'll go to the marketing forum ask for help.   Thanks y'all. I'm smarter now.
  10. Hello friends, I have a nearly finished 1v1 turn-based strategy game (nearly meaning God knows when) that I would like to test. I have a match-making server that can run in any machine I want. I've already tested everything by myself, playing against myself running the server in a machine that I've rented at ops.mnx.io and everything works. I'm considering making an open beta for testing, let people play against each other, then I'll gather both feedback on the gameplay and the multiplayer. If I take that route, what things should I keep in mind? More specifically to the multiplayer, is there a way to predict the specifications of the machine I need to run a server at to be able to successfully handle let's say 50 games of chess happening at the same time? Is renting a machine hourly for running game servers a common practice?   I just don't want to publicly announce an open beta of the game and give people the wrong impression because things suck in some way, so for someone who is giving its first steps in the game industry as an indie, every advice is much appreciated!   Thanks!
  11. Davi Doro

    Pointless Wars - [Turn-Based Pointless Strategy]

    Obligatory post just to keep this thread in the front page   Hello friends, Not much to say aside from "yes, I'm still working on the game". But most of the things I'm doing are invisible. I just finished programming a match-making server, which I'm very happy about. It means that I'm a lot closer to make a beta-testing.   Here's another gif. It's a bug, but people love gifs and that's all I have for today! In order to decide who plays first, a spinning (not one thousand) coin will drop from the sky. Cheers!
  12. You know what guys, nevermind... my server works fine and I can communicate with it, there were a logic error in my ping command. Let this post die silently while I leave without being noticed...
  13. Oh thank you, that's precisely what I wanted to know about Steam!
  14. Well, now I'm extra confused. I though it was much simpler like "change the port you are listening to 9090 and it should work". Take any 1v1 turn-based strategy multiplayer game on Steam for instance. How do they do it?
  15. I coded a little client-server and tested on my own machine using my private IP. It works, it connects fine and successfully runs a ping command. I rented a VPS and put the server to run in there and tried to connect to it and it successfully connected, but when I try to ping, the messages are never delivered.   My best guess is that the problem is that I'm using the university's WiFi and that the "PING" package is being dropped by the X.   Assuming I'm correct, my question is, who is X? And how do I solve this problem?   And if I'm not correct, what's happening? How does a public wifi differs from a private wifi?   Thank you!
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