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  1. The ultimate list of broken urls of the ultimate collection of links related to space:   Resources: NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Project Art:  Global Topographic Data:  Space and technology Generators: Being an Informal Examination of Offensive Systems for Use in Deep-space Combat:  Celestia Earth textures:  Planetary image maps:  A collection of space links:  The NASA's Bluemarble ftp site (direct link):   Books/movies/games:  The Grand List of Overused Science Fiction Clichés: Sirroco Station:   Galaxies/Universe: A list of nearby galaxy groups Atlas of the universe:   Nebulas: Volume visualization of the Orion Nebula: Making a nebula texture in photoshop: The Orion Nebula (photoshop tutorial):   Links for the programmer: Globular Clusters: JPL Solar System Simulator: The 100 nearest star systems: Data for important stars: A solar system generator with RPG rules:   Planets: Keplerian/Orbital elements and orbits: The living Earth: Fractal Models of Natural Phenomena: (SSL error) Earth rendering in Maya: Guide to extrasolar planets: Computing planet positions using mean orbital elements: Use defined astronomical functions in Excel:   3D Engines/Software: Magrathea Simulation Engine    Removing them would be greatly appreciated.