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  1.   This is a webbased random item generator that I wrote following World of Warcraft's itemization formulas which allows generation of balanced but random RPG weapons and armor. Took me a couple of months to code but was well worth it. The generated items' data is output as a SQL query, but can of course be changed to match any project, it's not necessarily bound to World of Warcraft.    A lot of changes have been done since the creation of this video, including but not limited to: Toggleable suffix Dynamically added stat selects Sell/Buy price calculations Selectable random stats True random stat distribution Durability Weapon Support Bonding Random item token generation All stats and slots in the game Completely database driven   Do you believe anyone could find this useful for their game project? Thanks for checking out my post!
  2. Fractional

    A compilation of my latest 2D games

      Haha sure, all the sourcecode is available on my github. (http://github.com/freddan962). The third game took a weekend to make and there are multiple things I would have done differently. For instance written a resourcemanager.
  3. ChinguRoids   FlappyTappy   SurvivalBox 2D   All games were written in Ruby using the Gosu library!
  4. Fractional

    Looking for a mentor

      Thank you for your reply and the link. It will hopefully prove very useful. Sorry that I wasn't able to reply in time.
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