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  1. How do I create the equation for a curve?

    Three points is a good starting example. A regular circle of the right diameter will pass through any three points. Finding the radius point with compass and ruler is easy enough. Anyone good at triangle formula?
  2. There are people who can program and those who can't - but is there anyone in between? I program useful ideas which only needs YaBasic language - the PS2 console version or a windows version available at DBF INTERACTIVE, where ideas can be showcased, in all languages. Some of my ideas, I might add, have been picked up in all forms of media.   The following is an average example of my work. Use up/down keypad to scroll choices.   open window 640,512 show=0 restore shape read maxnum dim shape$(maxnum),m(maxnum) for a=1 to maxnum read shape$(a) m(a)=0 next a sel=1 ang=pi/180 blox=108 l=360/blox dim x(blox),y(blox),x1(blox),y1(blox) for a=1 to blox x(a)=int(ran(25))*20+20 y(a)=int(ran(23))*20+20 x1(a)=x(a) y1(a)=y(a) next a repeat setdrawbuf vm vm=1-vm setdispbuf vm clear window c=peek("port1") setrgb 1,100,100,100 fill rectangle 0,0 to 640,512 for a=1 to maxnum if sel=a and m(a)=-20 then setrgb 1,0,250,0 else  setrgb 1,30,30,30 endif if sel=a then m(a)=m(a)-1 text 560+m(a),a*20+100,shape$(a) else m(a)=m(a)+1 text 560+m(a),a*20+100,shape$(a) endif if m(a)<-20 m(a)=-20 if m(a)>0 m(a)=0 next a go=go+1 if go>10 go=10 if and(c,16)>0 and go=10 then sel=sel-1 go=0 endif ' if sel<1 sel=1 if and(c,64)>0 and go=10 then sel=sel+1 go=0 endif if sel>maxnum sel=1 if sel<1 sel=maxnum go1=go1+1 if go1>10 go1=10 if sel<>1 go1=1 for a=1 to blox if x(a)>x1(a) x(a)=x(a)-1 if x(a)<x1(a) x(a)=x(a)+1 if y(a)>y1(a) y(a)=y(a)-1 if y(a)<y1(a) y(a)=y(a)+1 if sel=1 and go1<9 then x1(a)=int(ran(25))*20+20 y1(a)=int(ran(23))*20+20 endif if sel=2 then xx=xx+1 if xx>18 then xx=1 yy=yy+1 endif if yy>6 yy=1 x1(a)=xx*20+75 y1(a)=yy*40+100 endif if sel=3 then xx=xx+1 if xx>6 then xx=1 yy=yy+1 endif if yy>18 yy=1 x1(a)=xx*40+125 y1(a)=yy*20+75 endif if sel=4 then x1(a)=int(cos(l*ang*a)*150+250) y1(a)=int(sin(l*ang*a)*150+250) endif if sel=5 then x1(a)=int(cos(l*2*ang*a)*100+150) y1(a)=int(sin(l*2*ang*a)*100+150) if a>blox/2 then x1(a)=int(cos(l*2*ang*a)*100+350) y1(a)=int(sin(l*2*ang*a)*100+350) endif endif if sel=6 then x1(a)=int(cos((l*3)*ang*a)*(2*a)+250) y1(a)=int(sin((l*3)*ang*a)*(2*a)+250) endif if sel=7 then x1(a)=int(5*a) y1(a)=int(sin(a/6)*200+260) endif if sel=8 then xx=xx+1 if xx>12 then xx=1 yy=yy+1 endif if yy>9 yy=1 x1(a)=xx*20+150 y1(a)=yy*20+150 endif if sel=9 then x1(a)=int(cos(l*ang*a)*200+250) y1(a)=int(sin(l*ang*a)*100+250) endif if sel=10 then zx=(blox-a)^1.2 zy=(a)^1.2 x1(a)=int(cos((l*3)*ang*a)*zx+250) y1(a)=int(sin((l*3)*ang*a)*zy+250) endif if sel=11 then if a<28 then x1(a)=int(cos((l*4)*ang*a)*80+170) y1(a)=int(sin((l*4)*ang*a)*80+170) endif if a>27 and a<55 then x1(a)=int(cos((l*4)*ang*a)*80+170) y1(a)=int(sin((l*4)*ang*a)*80+330) endif if a>54 and a<82 then x1(a)=int(cos((l*4)*ang*a)*80+330) y1(a)=int(sin((l*4)*ang*a)*80+170) endif if a>81 then x1(a)=int(cos((l*4)*ang*a)*80+330) y1(a)=int(sin((l*4)*ang*a)*80+330) endif endif if sel=12 then if a<28 then x1(a)=int(cos(l*3*ang*(a+7))*80+170) y1(a)=int(sin(l*3*ang*(a+7))*80+170) endif if a>27 and a<55 then x1(a)=int(cos(l*3*ang*(a+8))*80+170) y1(a)=int(sin(l*3*ang*(a+8))*80+330) endif if a>54 and a<82 then x1(a)=int(cos(l*3*ang*(a+1))*80+330) y1(a)=int(sin(l*3*ang*(a+1))*80+170) endif if a>81 then x1(a)=int(cos(l*3*ang*(a+18))*80+330) y1(a)=int(sin(l*3*ang*(a+18))*80+330) endif endif if and(c,1)>0 show=0 if and(c,8)>0 show=1 if show=0 then setrgb 1,250,150,0 fill rectangle x(a)-10,y(a)-10 to x(a)+10,y(a)+10 setrgb 1,0,0,0 rectangle x(a)-10,y(a)-10 to x(a)+10,y(a)+10 endif if show=1 then setrgb 1,0,0,0 line to x(a),y(a) fill rectangle x(a)-2,y(a)-2 to x(a)+2,y(a)+2 endif next a until (1=0) label shape data 12 data "random","h.lines","v.lines","circle" data "circles","swirl","sine","clump" data "ellipse","knot","clover","cloverleaf"