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  1. Copyright "crowdinfringement"

      That was my question — is providing service which allows users to share, for example, Wolverine movie file(s) different from providing service which allows users to share Wolverine character file(s), and whether online status of the game makes any difference from single player one. 
  2. Hello,   I have a question that must have been asked numerous times before, but I wasn't able to formulate it right enough to get an answer.   Let's say, I have a multiplayer game with very powerful custom character creation tools for users and rich extensible mechanics/rules. All premade characters that come with this game are original and absolutely legal. However, it's totally possible for users to make virtually any copyrighted character and use her in an online match, visible for anyone interested. So, it's basically like torrents - service owner provides/charges for service only, while users take all copyright risks on themselves.   And here is condensed question - would making such game be more risky than running a torrent site?