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  1. I released a free version of my game Catching Flies a couple of days ago. It is a fast paced action arcade game. Your goal is to eat as many flies as possible. How long can you stay alive before you give in to hunger?     Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.withit.catchingfliesfree        
  2. It all started when a friend bought a copy of The Games Factory a long time ago. He made an asteroids clone and I made my own 2D racing game. Then I got into leveldesign and started making counterstrike levels. After that I took some programming courses and made an action/arcade shooter in java and a puzzle game in delphi. Now im into making android games.
  3. What drives you to make games?

    I just love the process. Coming up with the idea, reiterate it until I like the idea enough to start working on it and then every time I finish programming a feature and it works as I intended it to I feel great : )