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  1. Need input: How would you develop 50 arcade games fast?

    Thanks very much for this input. It's a great start and has provided me with a good base. Cheers,
  2. Read, curate and publish intelligent magazines http://t.co/nP8KP2TMlJ #beautiful #noowit
  3. Hi, I am a newbie, so please be kind   We would like to develop a site for kids to learn vocabulary through playing arcade style of games. We would need about 50 games.  Developing games from scratch seems like an overkill as we would want to use common games that already exist but add a vocabulary learning component to it.    How could we speed up development? by licensing games that already exists? Any other idea or suggestions?    Looking forward to your expert input   Vincent       
  4. I'm using @rapportive: photos, notes and social contact profiles for Gmail. Try it! http://t.co/OL2Dhe15Yn
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