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    Parallel Algorithm Framework

      Ok, I see the memory allocation now. That ruins everything.     I agree, but I want to provide a generic solution, not the most scalable one.   I wanted to create an small framework for application-domain programmers, the queue contation is not a big issue right now, I'm not looking for the most optimal parallel approach.   I think I could integrate FastFlow and point out step by step all the mistakes I made. That way It would be way more instructive. It will take me some time though.   V. Egea
  2. Made with love for you

    Parallel Algorithm Framework

    Yes, I should give a better introduction.   Wait a moment, where is the heap affecting my algorithm? The STL list is the single leak; this could be fatal: _nodes.push_back(node -> leafId());   The drawback from my implementation is that you have to create n jobs per n cores every time, Valve uses a function pointer but I try to use the cores without messing up the code.   I haven't considered the memory allocation. I like the idea of a lock-free heap. Preallocating values seems too dirty to me. I like Valve's approach:   http://www.valvesoftware.com/publications/2007/GDC2007_SourceMulticore.pdf   I will use http://www.hoard.org/ and I will improve the whole article.   Thank you for your feedback, Víctor Egea
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