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  1. anshbansal

    What's the best way to learn?

    For Java have you seen the Oracle tutorial? It is very comprehensive and most accurate reference that you can find for Java.
  2. In case a game is made using web base things then it is very easy to showcase them. It can be done on heroku. But in case the game is made using non-web things like Python then how to showcase the games? Like if I make a game like Pong how to showcase it? Distributing source code isn't the best idea. So how can that be done?   Any ideas?
  3. By showcasing I meant showing it running somewhere. Like games in HTML/CSS/JavaScript can be made into a website. Is there something like that available for Python/Pygame?
  4. anshbansal

    Logical sequence of making games to learn

    Looking at the code again I got it. No need to tell.
  5. I was thinking about what is the logical sequence in which the "standard" games should be tackled to learn properly. By standard I mean pong pacman other such game I think I saw a list somewhere but couldn't find it now, By logical sequence I just mean trying out small things so I don't take a huge pile of things that are totally unknown to me at once. Small steps you can say..   Also any suggestions about how to wade through the game programming articles. There are a huge amount of articles. Is there like a post categorizing the articles?
  6. anshbansal

    Logical sequence of making games to learn

    When would I need to use the same image again? I am a newbie in games so don't know when that might be required.
  7. anshbansal

    Logical sequence of making games to learn

      I get that now but isn't it a little flawed? I mean shouldn't the canonical path be calculated before the first assignment to image variable. If it is done after that then actually there is no problem as the dictionary is updated with the same value but the image is loaded again.   I mean wouldn't something like this be better. _image_library = {} def get_image(path):     global _image_library     path = path.replace('/', os.sep).replace('\\', os.sep)     image = _image_library.get(path)     if image == None:         _image_library[path] = pygame.image.load(path)         image = _image_library.get(path)     return image
  8. anshbansal

    Logical sequence of making games to learn

    Python 3 - Pygame   So how about taking a look at the file game test.py at my github? While this isn't a complete game there are a few basics that I made after looking up this tutorial's lesson 1  and 2. I changed a few things. Any newbie silly things that I am doing? Also I didn't understand what the get_image function is actually doing other than making the path os independent. Anyone interested in having a look?
  9. anshbansal

    Logical sequence of making games to learn

    That is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.   The article talks about getting game reviewed. Do people on gamedev do code reviews or should I look elsewhere?
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