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  1. Are there any good courses that implement an isometric RTS or RPG in Unity or Unreal? All courses I see are either for 2D or 3D, none for Isometric games that are 2.5D or at least 3D with 2D artwork.
  2. The problem with ECS, is that everyone seems to have their own idea on what it needs to be. So you'll get a lot of different answers. I think you should read up on existing ECS frameworks and see how they're done, and see which ones you like most. I think Unity is a sane example of practical mix of ECS and OOP.
  3. Gureen Ryuu

    Code review for the monthly challenge.

    Hey all, sorry for the late replies! Life happened and things got hectic. I'm very moved by all your detailed and well thought out replies. I've read your posts and taken them to heart, and will do my best to try and follow the good practices you've explained in my next project. I'm still going to try and go back to basics, despite my intermediate experience. I've gotten a couple of courses for Unity and I hope I learn things from the ground up the right way for better code. Thank you again so much for all your help. I know it must have taken you a long time to write. You're the best. ♥♥ I'm using Unity 2017/2018. 4.7 is quite old I think.
  4. Hey all. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post it, but I'm almost done with the monthly game challenge, I still have one more requirement to finish. But before I do that I wanted to see how well I've written my code so far, and if I've done anything wrong or how I can improve myself. Because after all, if I can't write a game as simple as Pong right, I'll definitely have trouble with bigger games. The game with done with Unity/C#. Here is the link for the source code: https://github.com/gureen-ryuu/LetUsPlayPong/ Any comments or criticism is much appreciated.
  5. https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?9244-UE-4-UDK-4-learning-curve-and-documentation-compared-to-UDK-3&p=73884&viewfull=1#post73884   For those who are interested!
  6. Hello all!  I wanted to ask about the learning curve of Unreal Engine 4 when compared to Unreal Engine 3, as well as the state/abundance of documentation and tutorials online. The reason I ask is, I remember UDK 3 having a rather steep learning curve. I've tried a few years ago back when I was still in university, but the documentation was somewhat lacking, and the tutorials I found online were either broken because of being outdated, or didn't really dive into the core of things that actually matter if you're making a game that's not an FPS.  I pretty spent a month or two just looking at how to get anything done, and failing, as opposed to when I used Unity a couple years later and managed to make radical changes (RTS controls, units moving around in groups, etc..) in a couple of months. But then again, I'm not sure if it was because by then I had graduated and had acquired a lot of experience in programming, or because UDK's learning curve is much steeper than Unity's..  So I was wondering if someone who used both UDK3 and UDK4/UE4 could tell me if the situation is different this time around and if getting into UE4 would be relatively easier than UDK3.
  7. I couldn't disagree with you more. In my experience people who learn to program using Java end up not having a clear picture of how anything works, or what's likely to be a performance problem. They also don't learn the difference between passing by value or passing by reference, they don't know how to think about ownership...   I couldn't disagree with you more.   Passing things by reference or value are things that can be taught!  Better a language that helps him focus on programming concepts and software engineering concepts.   If anything, odds are they'll be using Java for mobile devices, in which case they'll know why C++ is just so much better at performance and can appreciate it even more. I'm a diehard Java programmer,, I absolutely love the language and I program apps for J2ME and Android for a living (and even took the job because it was Java), but it's also the exact reason why I can appreciate C++ and the control it gives you when you don't have a lot of resources.
  8. Gureen Ryuu

    Questions about different pieces of a game

    Will you be using physics in your game? If you are, libraries like Box2D will do the collision detection for you and you just handle it in the callback functions it gives.
  9. Gureen Ryuu

    Slick & NetBeans

    I'd go with LibGDX. It kind of replaced Slick which kind of died out once the main author quit. Slick is still maintained by the community, and it's simpler than LibGDX, but with LibGDX you will also port your games for Android and iOS (you have to pay for iOS). Also it allows more advanced things that Slick and gives access to OpenGLES 2.0.
  10. This has made me doubt my decision of going back to C++ and learning it properly..    Maybe I should stick to Java.. 
  11. Gureen Ryuu

    Noob Game Programmer

    If you're not looking to go into game development  as a professional, as in, one day work for the big dev companies, then I suggest going with something like Unity/C#, as a big engine like that is much easier to learn and is complex enough for your needs. C++ is way too complicated for something other than AAA games, IMHO.
  12. Gureen Ryuu

    Any good C++ Component Entity framework?

    ENTITY X. X makes everything sound so cool    I see yours is based on Artemis, so I might pass it too.. Not sure if Entity X is the same. I kind of skimmed through the github info. I will be trying it and Cistron in the weekend, since right now I'm remove the rust from my C++ skills. ><
  13. Gureen Ryuu

    Any good C++ Component Entity framework?

    Thank you both for your replies!   I was thinking about implementing Apollo, however my C++ is very, very rusty. I forgot many things, as I'm discovering, so I don't know if I have the C++ Fu to port a framework like that..   @robert Thank you for the suggestions! As I mentioned, not very into Artemis, so I will skip that and probably Coment too.   It's a shame that Cistron isn't being updated. I hope it's fully functional, as I will be trying it today after work! Yes, the example you mentioned is one I'm very much worried about as it will involve not just component communication but entity communication.   If anyone else has any recommendation, please let me know!
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