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    Switches! More Switches

    Switches!! More Switches This week has been focusing on fixing the switch system. We ended up having to rebuild a lot of the puzzle mechanic from the ground up. The original implementation lagged the game out to almost unplayable. I reworked the whole system and now we are running at full speed again with thousands of switch lines, gates and bridges. http://TheGreatEmoticon.com
  2. Sword Stone

    RUN! Don't Touch Anything...

  3. Sword Stone

    RUN! Don't Touch Anything...

    | Shooty Screens are complete! We just finished adding the new shooting obstacle which looked easy to beat at first but it got insanely fun and hard as we added enemies and other obstacles to the mix. While we were play testing we found a cool glitch; there was a mistake in the code which allowed the player to move the shooty screens around and hit switches that the player cant reach or kill other enemies. It was a lot of fun so we decided to keep it in. http://TheGreatEmoticon.com
  4. The Great Emotion is a top down action adventure game set in a charming post-apocalyptic future. Powered by the three prime emotional energies -- glad, mad and sad -- play the last Science Knight of an oddball world ruled by the nefarious & passive aggressive King of the Emoticons. Click Here to Watch the Video | Follow Us! http://TheGreatEmoticon.com
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