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  1. Name for slot machine game

      The game has slots with different themes, but interface is common for all slots.
  2. Name for slot machine game

    Hello,   Can I ask community for a little help? We need name for our slot machine game. It is the game for social networks and mobile devices. We need to cover a wide audience, but especially people over 30.   Thank you!
  3. game as a platform for mini-games

    Thank you for your help!     Warioware and Marioparty are more close to what I'm looking for. But I want to find games where mini-games are more independent. It is like in virtual casino, where you have slots, poker and black jack with common money and chips. So I want game with a set of mini-games with common resources and maybe quests line. Any ideas? 
  4. Hi, does anybody know an example of game which is a platform for a set of mini-games, maybe connected together with a common plot?