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  1. Grounded Pointers

    The big lesson I see: most businesses are too hard at work to do anything other than what they've always done. BAD. I call it "head in sand OR grow". Nearly impossible to do both simultaneously. Yes, it's important to get the work done, but more important to try and keep up with the world and your contemporaries (and/or competition).   Imagine the power that stale swamp could yield if the developers felt a new wave of creativity and empowerment due to new tools and improved efficiency! Show everyone the fast way to get "caught up" so they can start fixing things that have nagged at them for years, decades, or since last century.
  2. My OLD Syntax

    That's awesome. :) And a great read. It reminds me of my expectations: php is a chainsaw to get the job done and I don't really expect much from it. I expect more from C and C++ and they demand more of my thought to work correctly. (so, I'm spoiled by php)   I really like that dude said to go learn python. Always have been meaning to. Seeing the reference and reading some led to my big chuckle for the day:
  3. My OLD Syntax

      HA! Until the Director of Software Engineering enforces his own personally preferred ideology upon his subjects. Sadly, dx'ing indexes stuck with me. (idx, jdx, kdx)       I only code on mechanical keyboards. So addicted to them, I bought them for every high-use workstation at my business.     * snort *  <--- I can feel aforementioned Director of Software Engineering twitching already...     * sigh * that makes ME twitch. :(  The first time OOP was choked down my throat, that's how those people coded. And were paid. Well paid.     Probably PHP. It has buried me with it's too-easy casting before.     Two things I miss the most from PHP: === operator and all variables needing to start with $. The $ thing makes it easier for me to see my own variables in the other mess of logic. And the === identity is true only if value and type match. So you can do a ===0 or !==0 and not really worry about accidental 1/0 true false problems.   I'm coming back to C (and sadly C++) from my too many years of PHP hacking web apps for my business. The C++ is for embedded things and we don't get any MSVC help, so many of my code searches are about doing things the hard way, coding it by yourself, and not relying on a framework for a crutch.   Thanks for the lolz! :D Chris, the FNG
  4. The Joy of A Laptop

    Mine was the compact "cute" keyboards that came with some Atoms we got. Dang things never let me log in! It was the 3rd or 4th try (over a few weeks) that I realized these didn't have a 10-key area and thus took away those letters in the middle of the board that were part of my password. :P    Then all was