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  1. Thank you very much for your feedback. I hope you try it wheb it is released.
  2.           General Info   Artist, Designer & Programmer: Muhammad A.Moniem Mamoniem Indie Developer Blog   Composer: Jason Lee   Website: Coated-Game.com     Social Networking: FaceBook || Twitter ||  IndieDB         Videos     [media]http://youtu.be/TsQgdg9Uxt8[/media]     [media]http://youtu.be/98QNoRVLBOg[/media]             Help us in Steam Greenlight!     Game Icon             Game Description     Coated is a puzzle game. Where you play as an alien in a different world. You coat yourself with colors to escape and hide from enemies. You can navigate through the levels by going back and forth to solve your current puzzle. The game is directed to adults who know about colors. And directed to children willing to learn colors. It is a game, adventure, experience and a lesson.   The full game contain 6 visible worlds. Each world contain 25 level plus a boss fight. There is more hidden levels, worlds, mods and secrets which make the game over than 200 level   Enjoy the game’s different mechanics of hiding from enemies and solving puzzles. Everything in Coated’s world depends on colors. You can coat yourself and merge, multiply & subtract colors to get a certain color. You can interact with most of the environment’s objects by colors too. In a word, in Coated’s world you have to Coat, Hide, survive & solve with colors.       Game History     Coated started so early in 2011 as a pretty simple idea came suddenly into my mind with the quest of looking to new ideas. after two days I did it in flash as a 2d prototype and then I felt it will fit more in 3d. So, I started to make a simple 3d version of it. And then stopped for a while for thinking in a story. Then I got back to the project with new character and creatures and did the 10daysGame blog version which got lots of attention in the web community. Then I decided to start the third phase of the project to make it a full complete game. Currently coated looks 180 degree different & looks interesting. It started with 1 mechanic & 1 enemy & 5 levels. And now it runs ~5 gameplay mechanics, ~20 enemy type, ~200 level [160 main level] & 6 main boss fights.       Screenshots                                 Awards & Recognition       The IGF-China finalist 2013           The Indium Game Contest Finalist 2013        
  3. Sorry. I will not post the idea here