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  1. What framework should I use for this PC game?

    The reason why isn't implemented per default in XNA is because XNA is a framework, not an engine. It only provides the base to you. Apart from that there are many different ways to implement an environment and the way of implementing the feature depends on the way your terrain works. I think in Unity it is implemented in the first-person-camera-asset, isn't it? P.S.: You don't have to quote my full post, especially not when it is just above your answer.
  2. What framework should I use for this PC game?

    Switching the Engine/Framework won't change much for you. As you said, you spend a lot of time trying to make basic things work. The given examples will be the same in URE or Unity or elsewhere. If you are new to game developing, you should be prepared in your mind, that you have to work these things out. Once you know how they work it will be easier. Also, as much as i know, the URE is only available for C++. So to use it, you would have to learn a new language and a new Framework. But don't forget the positive aspect: It's always way more satisfying to see how your own solution works, instead of seeing how a re-implemented solution of someone else works.
  3. Power Up Table Tennis Contest

    How about adding WindowsPhone to the list of allowed platforms? I have one (dev unlocked) and would be available as judge.