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  1. Have you ever encountered this while referencing BASIC? dim sum[10]   The joke is this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dim_sum  
  2. 135790

    c++ combat code

    I say do not share much of your code.  Especially all of it unless it is copyrighted because communists will own your code.
  3. I need a good algorithm that recognizes hand writing and converts it into computer text like OCR for printed text.  Any directions?
  4. 135790

    Why programming is hard ?

    Don't program anymore.  Design!
  5. People work too hard on their projects.  I would just write a console application and start from there.  Too many hours learning an API just to display something.  I would try a more higher level technology.  Too many games that need near real-time responses.
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