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    I once started a game...

    I obviously don't plan on using the same name, code or assets as the original, but in terms of gameplay it will probably come out pretty much like the original. I mean, what can you add in that game besides the obvious bombs, clear the row, clear the column, clear all the same "jewels" from the board, block a row and block a column? And I bet they have that in the original as well :(
  2. k_meleon

    I once started a game...

    That's gonna be quite hard to do unless I turn it into some kind of puzzle game, and right now that's not the direction I was after . I never played the original game, but I'm pretty sure my clone won't have too many innovations in it compared to the original (at least I haven't thought of that many things to add yet and I bet they already added my yet un-added twists in the original, since the game itself imposes some limits).     Would you say the same thing if I tried to put it on fgl for sale?
  3.   I'm a beginner here and I have a slight ethical issue.      A few months ago I wanted to make a small game, and at the time I really liked to play Bejeweled. So I decided to make something similar and change some things in it. So instead of moving one piece at a time I wondered what would happen if I moved the entire row? How about the column as well? How about adding some other things? Seemed unique enough to me, as all the match 3 games out there didn't have any of the things I wanted to have in my game.     So I started my little project, created my "jewels", managed to make the rows swap, then the columns, then after a few painful tries I managed to get the killing to happen. I was so eager and I really enjoyed working on it. Next on my list was to implement a score system, when all of a sudden somebody said she had seen my game before. And she showed it to me. It was called Chuzzle Deluxe by popcap games.    I never played that game, nor did I ever knew of it's existence till that point. All my hopes got lost     Now I'm wondering...should I finish my game? I originally wanted to post it on fgl (my first ever game that I would try to put there), but now I don't know if that would be possible, or if it would be ethical for me to do so.     What would you do in my situation? Did something similar occur to anyone else? Would I get in trouble if I finish the game and put it up for bids?  
  4. k_meleon

    Gamemaker,RPGmaker, etc.

    Not really optimized for isometric view, but free and requires no coding, and can get the job done if used creatively:  http://www.stencyl.com/
  5. k_meleon

    Power Up Table Tennis Contest

      You can use GameMaker and like.   I'll be using the free version of Stencyl, and that can only export to flash (.swf or publish on a webpage). Will that still allow me to participate? And if I'll be making a flash game, that means I won't be able to make that mandatory rule  ("Exit (key and screen)") ?
  6. k_meleon

    Power Up Table Tennis Contest

    Is this restricted to games create using code only or can we use tools such as Construct2 or GameMaker or the like?
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