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  1. Thanks for the reply Tom!  I have researched all of the companies on gamedevmap and gameindustrymap recently and found that a number of companies in the area have made cartoonie games in the past.  What I have been unsure about is whether (based upon that fact) they make games of this sort on an ongoing basis.  It sounds to me like you think it is possible that they do.  Is that right?  Thanks again for your help!
  2. Hey everyone,   I'm a 3d animator looking for a job in the Seattle area.  My style and taste is more cartoony, and this is reflected in my demo reel.  How realistic is it that I could find a job animating on cartoony games in the Seattle area?  Do any studios in the area make games of that sort?  Some larger ones seem to do work of this sort, but is it realistic to think that there would be enough ongoing work in this style?  Any thoughts and/or help would be very much appreciated!   Thanks!