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  1. Headbang Games proudly presents Bad Pad is platformer game mixed with a little arcading, shooting, puzzle solving and metroidvania elements, that being said it is still a platformer, so expect a lot of jumping and fair amount of dying along the way. Join square in his adventures, save Hexagon and Trapezoid from the hands of  Evil Pen! Bad Pad was release on Steam - Early Access on Jan 6th 2017.   Bad Pad on Steam Devblog, free demo, press and media kits and more can be found here. Direct media-kit link Social Links: https://twitter.com/HeadBangGames https://www.facebook.com/headbangames/  
  2. Avishay Mizrav

    Bad Pad - Dev Blog

    The buttons are coming this summer, get your thumbs ready! http://headbangames.com  
  3. Avishay Mizrav

    Swipey - Make your own levels

    Hi everyone, Here is a little side project I've been working on the past week, it's a multi platform game designed for tablets and desktop with an online level creator and a website on top of that for posting new levels. The basic idea is to have a very simple level creator where even a small children can make levels and share with their friends, get them into the business at an early age  I am going live next week with the first 1.0 version of the site/game. I would love to hear your thoughts about the game/level editor and general experience. Swipey - Make your own levels   [attachment=32041:ss01.jpg][attachment=32042:ss02.jpg][attachment=32043:ss03.jpg][attachment=32044:ss04.jpg][attachment=32045:ss05.jpg]
  4. Avishay Mizrav

    Bad Pad - Dev Blog

    Getting closer to a beta, stop by the devBlog for more updates!     http://avishaymizrav.com/mizgames/devblog-part-32-levels-levels-levels-and-some-other-stuff/
  5. Avishay Mizrav

    Bad Pad - Dev Blog

    Hi guys, a quick question, which of the following do you like more?
  6. Avishay Mizrav

    Bad Pad - Dev Blog

    Join us today 19/02/2016, 19:00 (GMT)  For a live stream of Bad Pad, played by Gamescroller, I'll be there to answer any questions, drop by!  Gamescroller on Twitch?
  7. Avishay Mizrav

    Bad Pad - Dev Blog

    Check out Bad Pad's new trailer
  8. Avishay Mizrav

    Bad Pad - Dev Blog

    Hi everybody, I made a new promo video and opened up a steam greenlight page, If you enjoyed the demo and you want to see more of this game, please help and support us by voting the game up, we would really appreciate it! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=613608428
  9. Avishay Mizrav

    Bad Pad - Dev Blog

    Level 4 is up, with some cool new stuff, more info on my blog
  10. Avishay Mizrav

    Bad Pad - Dev Blog

    Level 3 is up on the site, enjoy!
  11. Avishay Mizrav

    Bad Pad - Dev Blog

    Level 2 is now available for play, click here to play it! This one has a little boss level at the end, the graphics for X ship and cannons are not done yet, so it might look a little off from the rest of the game. If you previously played and finished the first level and did not click on start a new game, you can click on continue and go through the new door that will take you straight to level 2. There were some minor updates in level 1, plus there are some new graphics, next level will be released on the 21.1.2016, stay tuned! Here is another treat for you, I've just received this new promo image from the guys at the studio, it will probably go through some more changes, but I really love how it turned out, kudos to Oray Studios!
  12. Avishay Mizrav

    Bad Pad - Dev Blog

    Hi Guys, good news the new demo is up on my site!   http://avishaymizrav.com/mizgames/upp-alpha-v01/   The demo will be the entire first floor, but I am still working on it, so for you can play the 1st level and I will be releasing more levels with new graphics on a weekly basis.   Have fun!
  13. Avishay Mizrav

    Bad Pad - Dev Blog

    Thanks! Are you referring to the graphics in the demo on the site or the videos from my last post?   The current demo is really out of date, there have been many changes in the gameplay/game design/level design/difficulty and of course all the graphics in the demo are programmer graphics I put together and not what Oray Studios made.   In this post there is a video play through of the first level with the new graphics. http://avishaymizrav.com/mizgames/devblog-part-22-where-do-i-start/    Basically the castle is built out of 4 floors, they will all be mostly brick based, but with different colors/shapes, on top of that there is another layer of floor/theme based decorations that will make it all less repetitive, so far I added some decoration on the the first 2 levels of the first floor, so yeah, we've got a long road a head of us.   We just started working on the graphics, we're going to give a big push over January/February, but so far it shaping up nicely.   Once we'll have all the asset for the first floor done I'll upload a new fully playable demo of it (about 15-20% gameplay out of the entire final game), floor 2-4 will be available later on when the game is finished.   If you're interested you can subscribe to the devblog and you'll get a notice once the demo is up.
  14. Avishay Mizrav

    Bad Pad - Dev Blog

    Exciting news, Oray Studios are joining forces with me in the development of Bad Pad, taking over all graphical aspects of the game.   Check out my blog for concept art, new screen shots and game-play videos, a new demo is coming soon, stay tuned!   Bad Joystick - DevBlog
  15. Avishay Mizrav

    Bad Pad - Dev Blog

    A quick update   There is a new alpha v0.5 of Bad Pad on my blog with lots of new stuff, also check out this little video I put together:
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