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  1. Does it crash when the player falls off screen or when Allegro attempts to draw gameover to buffer?
  2. GDMega6

    Methods of controlling attack waves

    I'm a real amateur and there's probably a better way but... A function in the traditional math sense might be what you're looking for. You can use one for the timer and one for each enemy.   Lets say you have a timer and when it counts down to 0 you increment a variable "wave_number". and a you randomly generated a number "difficulty" and map it between .5 and 2.     Enemy01 might have the function.  wave_number * 10 *  difficulty; Enemy02 might have the function. (wave_number -1) * 5 * difficulty; Enemy03 might have the function. (wave_number -2) * 3 * difficulty;   This way Enemy02 doesn't spawn in wave 1.   As long as your spawning function checks for negative values then something simple like this should work. Also don't use linear functions. That'll be very bad in later levels.   As for the function to figure out the timer for each wave, maybe a logarithmic or square root function might work. You get the idea.
  3. GDMega6

    Info on a general game programmer

    Thanks for the help. 
  4. GDMega6

    Info on a general game programmer

    Ok maybe a little more background info would be better. The reason I was asking for a completely free engine was because this was only going to be used for a demonstration. Only to be used as an aid at the very beginning of what I'm doing. I was looking at the UDK license and saw that if I made over 100k they would charge me royalties because it would fall under advertisement I guess. And that's the thing. This is intended to be like a small aid so being charged 12.5% I believe for something that small seemed a little much for something that isnt directly necessary and only going to be used for a month or so. The unity license does sound much better however.    The reason I asked about the difficulty and about how long it would take is because I dont know what to expect. I was asking how long do you think it would take for someone to program those features. I guess it was a bad question because it depends on the engine? I was asking about the difficulty because I figure someone with a decent understanding of their game engine would know how to set up 2 rooms and interact with objects fairly easy and in a short period of time. I don't know if the manually controlled arms is difficult to implement when some programmers are used to having the game engine control the bodies in-engine however.   So I wanted to know to what degree does the manually controlled arms add difficulty to the project. Does it require a lot of thinking outside the box, would it just require using functions that a programmer doesnt usually use with his engine Or is it a trivial thing to implement?         I honestly don't need anything extra honestly. As long as the character can move around and interact with stuff. That's all I need because this isn't meant to be a full game. I will look more carefully at the license options of the popular game engines however because it seems from your responses that what I'm asking for would be much more difficult with a free engine.       Ok sounds like a good option.     Thank you again for your feedback.
  5. This is my very first post here and while I'm fairly certain this is the right place for this post I apologize if I post incorrectly or break any rules.   Basically I'm looking for a game programmer but before I post a job posting I need to gather some info.   What I'm looking for is a programmer to create a small 3d demo consisting of one or 2 rooms with interact-able objects. It would be first person with normal WASD movement but something like "manually controlled arms". Essentially pressing buttons would increase or decrease the angle of the upper and lower arm and another button interacts with objects like a door which can be opened and objects that an be picked up etc.   I've done some 2d programming before however because I don't have experience with 3d programming I don't know the difficulties of this task. Getting a character animated and 2 rooms up wouldn't take that long but I don't know how difficult manually controlling limbs are. Also it would have to be done with a completely free (no commercial license option) game engine.   So I have two questions based on the task. All opinions welcome   1) How would you rate the difficulty of this task? 2) How long do you think this task would take full time as opposed to a part time hobbyist     Now comes the business side. I have seen salary information on game programmers but because this is a small demo I'm not sure what way to go with it.    So here is my question. Once again All opinions are welcome. Keep in mind I have limited funds. Assume that I didn't choose the hire a hobbyist route    3) Would you pay per feature, per hour, or a 1 time payment? And how much would you pay? or what do you think a game programmer would charge?     Much of my difficulty comes from the first 2 questions. Because I don't know the difficulty of this task and even a slight clue on how long it would take, I have no idea if I should try to get a hobbyist or pay someone. And if I do pay someone I'd rather not pay someone a lot of money for what could be simple task. Lack of information is financially fatal so I'd like to thank you guys in advance for helping me out.  
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