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  1. What framework should I use for this PC game?

      Well, according to Gabe Linux is the new big platform for games. I might check out Torque, thanks.     Ok, I think see what you are saying: It's hard to make a one-size-fits-all.     Interesting. My primary target at the moment is indeed to create a game. Which engine would you recommend? I would like to have something more on the programming end and less on the value tweaking end since I want to be able to make some unique features. 
  2. What framework should I use for this PC game?

      Thanks, I guess I stick to XNA then :)   I find it interesting that, for example, a person running around smoothly and jumping in a 3d world with some topography is not included as a template in XNA and Unity since there are probably hundreds of thousands of people that would use this as a starting point for their games.    C++ is not that big of a problem since I use it at work every now and then (business application, not games) but I still prefer C#.    Yes I agree, I don't want it to be a re-implementation, but mostly because I think it would stifle my imagination. But still, some help on the most common features of a game would be nice (XNA actually provide some of this, for example double buffering but I could use a little more, it's a fine line). 
  3. I started making a 3:rd person Large map Network, 4-8 players in each game Many different classes Strange physics Many different weapons game in XNA. But I found myself spending a lot of time just trying to make basic things work. Such as jumping (not falling through the floor too much) and running smoothly uphill (did it with linear interpolation). I was wondering if I perhaps should use something instead of XNA?   How about Unreal engine for example? Is it flexible enough? I want to make something original. Perhaps Unity? Perhaps a good XNA game engine?   All suggestions appreciated. I'm new to this Thanx