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  1. Cold_Steel

    Unit Testing

    Unit testing isn't going to help feature creep. Your customer has no business telling you how to do your internal testing. And that's what unit testing is. It's your own internal testing. Not acceptance testing or anything like that. In fact, your customer should never see your unit test. Here's what you really need. You need to get the customer's requirements written down and agreed upon. That way, if your customer decides to change the requirements in the future, it's a change of scope, and you bill them extra for it. If your customer wants a spreadsheet program and then decides what he really wants is a word processing program, unit testing ain't gonna help you. You have to get the requirements nailed down, or you're destined to fail because of constant changes in scope.
  2. Cold_Steel

    Gray or Grey?

    I prefer grey. I just looks better (though Firefox is telling it's spelled wrong). Hey, any preference in axe vs. ax? Also, apparently Firefox thinks "axe" isn't correct either.
  3. Cold_Steel

    Best singer ever.

    Quote:Original post by Al Gorithm As far as more recent stuff goes.... Daniel Heiman (formerly) from Lost Horizon is fucking killer. Incredible tone and power, not to mention the range of a dolphin. Russell Allen from Symphony-X And Of course, there's the gods from back in the day... Ronnie James Dio, the most talented hobbit I've ever seen. Geoff Tate, Queensryche Rob Halford, Judas Priest Bruce Dickinson, Iron MaidenDamn straight! I was going to point out, that since this thread was not about Bruce Dickinson, it was incorrect. Ditto for Russell Allen who is phenomenal. Also, Jorn Lande, formerly of Masterplan is incredible. That's why I need to get Russell Allen's solo album that features Jorn. Also Andy Kuntz of Vanden Plas is an amazing talent and quite possibly the best progressive metal voice out there. Really gives James LaBrie a run for his money.
  4. Cold_Steel

    C# in Business World

    Quote:Original post by darkchrono4 Quote:Original post by nobodynews Quote:Original post by darkchrono4 Pretty much, which puts me into a interesting position. I'm just not a big fan of the whole OO thing. When I think about problems functional programming just seems better to me. Whenever we've had the choice I've always went with straight C. This is why I'm asking about C#. If I get a job it will be doing business apps and I have no real experience. Was wanting to try and get a portfilo setup of things I've done and would like them to be in the most relevant tool for getting a job. Emphasis added. I don't believe this word means what you think it means. Functional Programming. C is procedural (aka imperative) programming. Unless you were talking about LISP, but the fact you said you prefer straight C doesn't seem to support that. You're right, I meant procedural. move(foo) seems better then foo.move() to me.I'd encourage you to go find more problems to solve then. There are definitely problems out there where OO will provide you with a much cleaner, more maintainable solution. Of course, they don't teach maintainability in school, that's just a lesson you learn the hard way. [grin] Of course, there are some problems where C will provide a better solution than C#. Language choice should be a function of the problem being solved. The more languages and tools you know, the better programmer you will be. Eventually you'll find learning anything but the most obtuse language will be a fairly minor task. Actually, I thank the programming language course I took in college for helping me out a lot. Once you understand the concept behind the different languages, learning them is much easier.
  5. Cold_Steel

    C# in Business World

    Lesson #1 of real world programming: The language that allows you to be the most productive is the right language. Whatever tool lets you get your job done in the most efficient way possible is the tool you use. Simple as that. If you're coding GUIs in straight C, well, yeah, maybe you'd want to rethink that. If you're coding embedded real time, high performance apps in Java or C#, yeah, you may want to rethink that too. All the operational code I write is done in C because it's all real time stuff. The tools I need to write though, heck yeah, I'll write those in C# or Java. I sure as heck am not going to try to deal with C and MFC or something. Winforms and Swing are way easier. I for one am happy to see the large scale use of C# and Java. Mainly because I've spent a lot of time with both those languages because, well, I suspected they were the future, and well, I was right [smile]. Plus, if/when I decide to switch jobs, I've actually taken the time on my own to learn what's actually getting used out there. In short, never let yourself become the programmer who only has a hammer, and sees every problem as a nail. That's bad.
  6. Cold_Steel

    1 Millionth Lounge post

    Quote:Original post by Promit Alternately, we could ban whoever makes the 1 millionth post. It'd be like getting struck by lightning.That's more like winning the lottery. If I was banned, I might actually get something done in my life instead of posting here [wink]
  7. Cold_Steel

    Developer interview: John Romero

    Quote:Original post by ChurchSkiz Expect a release in 2032Yeah, but when it's finally released, Mr. Romero will most likely be making you his bitch... [wink] Hmm, could someone please explain why John Romero is still relevant to the game development community? What exactly has he done since Daikatana (arguably one of the best games ever released in the history of mankind </sarcasm>)
  8. Cold_Steel

    Oscar nominees announced

    Quote:Original post by lancekt Rather disheartening (although not surprising) that Children of Men was not nominated for more. One of the most stunning films I've ever seen.Agreed. It is an absolutely stunning movie. I should really go see it again.
  9. Cold_Steel

    design a debate thread 2

    Quote:Original post by Sneftel I don't think this debate thread was intelligently designed.Wait, what? Are we debating how to help black people, or are we debating Intelligent Design? I'm so confused [wink]
  10. Cold_Steel

    Was my retaliation just?

    I probably would have stabbed him in the face with an ice pick. But damn, what you did is just screwed up!
  11. Cold_Steel

    Stupid Americans

    Seriously, if someone stopped me and asked me how many world wars there have been, I'd probably answer 30 or 40. I mean come on, I wouldn't even take most of these questions seriously. What state does KFC come from? Hell, it comes from all of them now. I got one up the street. Hmmm, now I'm kind of hungry...
  12. Cold_Steel

    Watch this, then go learn to play guitar.

    Pretty cool. I have to say I prefer this though. Pachelbel's Canon has never sounded cooler.
  13. Quote:Original post by zedzeek congrats YELLOWtrash, unfortunatly once youre topdog, youre have the wannabes gunning for you. me i just drop my pants, the 9 meter anaconda i have tucked away in there usually scares them offOK, gotta ask, curiosity killin' my kittens and all, how in the holy hell do you keep a gigantic snake in your pants? I mean, his tail must be hanging out of your pant legs. And how do you walk with it in there? It's probably all squirmy, and isn't it gross when it's digesting a goat or something, you know, feeling the dead goat slide around inside the snake. Seriously, eww...
  14. Cold_Steel

    Hiding in the Atheist Closet

    Quote:Original post by Paladin_cplusplus I'll remember to pray for you.Is it just me, or does telling an atheist that you'll pray for him seem...condescending? [Edit] Beaten.
  15. Quote:Original post by SticksandStones Unlike Cold_Steel, I don't stop dominating when I sleep. I'm THAT awesome.* *Just a note, I recently downloaded FireFox2.0 Apparently, I have been spelling "awesome" wrong for years. Amazing, isn't it?FYI...I dominate at spelling when I'm awake...[wink]* *If there are any spelling errors in this post, it's because I'm asleep right now. [Edited by - Cold_Steel on January 7, 2007 10:29:21 AM]
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