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  1. Need Advice

        Thank you guys I will keep learning python.And will also start java. I will soon order JAVA books, but can you please provide some online tutorials site(without videos) that teaches JAVA..something similar to codecademy.com..
  2. Need Advice

    Thanks menyo, but i did not get the answer to which language a beginner should chose.Should i quit python and start JAVA.
  3. Need Advice

    I want to make android games but as i have no programing background, i don't know which programing language to choose. i have just started learning python online at "codecademy.com". Should i quit python and start learning java. Or should i finish the python course and then start JAVA. Very confused. Can anyone please guide me step-by-step, like starting to learn x and then do this and that..something that will help. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello, everyone.I don't know if i posted in the right section, but i ahve some doubts.I am new to this forum and also to the world of programing. I have no programing background(except some basic html). I want to learn to make/create android games and apps. But i don't know how to start doing so. Which language should i choose as my first language. I know that android uses JAVA language. but not sure if i should start with java or some other basic language.I know its not going to be so easy, but i want to. * i have just started learning "python" online at "codecademy.com". Please help me.Thanks