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  1. Hello everyone, My first game, in collaboration with my friend designer Emanuel Serbanoiu (you can check him on dribble if you like: https://dribbble.com/emanuellikesdesign) finally hit the google playstore. The game is a simple, casual game about defending a planet own by food from aliens attacks by building forts out of fluffy items and more. Besides the gameplay and storytelling that wasn't our strongest skill, we learned a lot and we are planning more games for mobiles and pc in the future. So, if you like, please check it out and give us a feedback because it will be very much apreciated.  Thank you a lot :) [attachment=31271:experiment-1.png][attachment=31272:experiment-2.png][attachment=31273:experiment-3.png][attachment=31274:experiment-4.png][attachment=31275:experiment-5.png][attachment=31276:experiment-6.png]
  2. Hello guys, I want to build my portfolio for a job on game development tools and I don't really have any ideas for a demo tool to make. Tiled like software came in my mind but I want to do something new. Also there are a lot of packing tools for game assets. What you suggests me? :D  Thank you a lot.
  3. bratiefanut

    Coins placement patterns

    Thanks :D
  4. bratiefanut

    Coins placement patterns

    Hello guys, Me and a friend are developing a small android game where you have to protect a hamburger for an enemy.  We need ideas to place the coins in our levels. We don't know what kind of pattern will be more fun or effective for the player.  You need the coins to unlock more items.
  5. Engine : Unity 5 Language: C# Graphic: Photoshop Sound: Audacity Music: royalty free music from the internet
  6. I'm in too :D   Team: Lone Wolf Members: Just me for now Website/Blog/Twitter handle: -
  7. bratiefanut

    Why do you need the .h .cpp AND .lib files?

    Let's explain it low level. You can have all of this in a single cpp file. But if you would do that, you would get a huge file filled with code and not that easy to read and understand. If you split that cpp in headers and .cpp files wouldn't it be  more easy to manage? Let's say you wrote few math functions and few sorting functions and you use it in your code. If you wanted to use the same functions in another project you have to go there and copy-paste it. But if you put these functions in a header, you can just simply get that .h/hpp file and use all the function. Project management, code reuse and a clean code policy are the most important factors. Among many others.
  8. bratiefanut

    Why do you need the .h .cpp AND .lib files?

    For a static library, the .lib file contains all the code and data for the library. The linker then identifies the bits it needs and puts them in the final executable. For a dynamic library, the .lib file contains a list of the exported functions and data elements from the library, and information about which DLL they came from. When the linker builds the final executable then if any of the functions or data elements from the library are used then the linker adds a reference to the DLL (causing it to be automatically loaded by Windows), and adds entries to the executable's import table so that a call to the function is redirected into that DLL. Think of both like this (Disclaimer: this is a really high-level analogy ;) .. The header is a phone number you can call, while... ...the library is the actual person you can reach there! It's the fundamental difference between "interface" and "implementation"; the interface (header) tells you how to call some functionality (without knowing how it works), while the implementation (library) is the actual functionality. Note: The concept is so fundamental, because it allows you flexibility: you can have the same header for different libraries (i.e. the functionality is exactly called in the same way), and each library mayimplement the functionality in a different way. By keeping the same interface, you can replace the libraries without changing your code. And: you can change the implementation of the library without breaking the calling code!
  9. bratiefanut

    Java Challange

    Ok guys,  Here is a challange for you :D.  The GOAL is to make a single separate .java file that calls CubicRootChallenge.checkCubicRoot() and is able to get true. You are not able to use reflection. import java.math.BigInteger; import java.security.SecureRandom; /** * RULES: * * <p>1. Write a class that by calling CubicRootChallenge.checkCubicRoot(), is able to reach the *GOAL* line * * <p>2. Solve the problem in a single separate .java file which compiles and runs with JDK 6/7/8 * * <p>3. Your code must run with the security manager enabled (java -Djava.security.manager your.Class) * * */ public class CubicRootChallenge { // Number of BITS for the number public static final int BITS = 10000; // Generate random number with said bits [0 <--> 2^BITS - 1], and elevates it ^3 private static final BigInteger NUMBER = new BigInteger(BITS, new SecureRandom()).pow(3); // Methods that prints out when passed BigInteger is cubic root of NUMBER public static void checkCubicRoot(BigInteger numberToTest) { // Check if numberToTest is cubic root of NUMBER if (NUMBER.divide(numberToTest).divide(numberToTest).equals(numberToTest)) { // THE GOAL IS TO REACH THIS LINE! System.out.println("YOU WIN!"); } } }
  10. bratiefanut

    Carousel slider - user experience

    Thank you all for your opinions :D it's my first game for mobiles so I am not that sure what is the best aproach after a lot of pc games.. so, any advice is welcome :D
  11. bratiefanut

    Carousel slider - user experience

    The costs in the worst case scenario is losing a life for selecting the wrong things. The extra confirmation step is a dialog where I ask the player if "he is sure" or what?
  12. bratiefanut

    Carousel slider - user experience

    Thank you Josh! I will try this out and then do a lot of playtesting to find out the best way to do this.
  13. bratiefanut

    Carousel slider - user experience

    The only stats shown are the name of the object and the number of objects that can be spawned. The GO button starts the game after you spawned your objects.  So it would be better to let the player tap on any objects and then highlight the selected item?
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