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  1. What`s wrong with my textrue?

    Ah! That helps a lot. Thank you. In fact. I created three buffers. One for vertex positions , one for the normals and the other for  texture coordinates. And I made a mistake when filling the D3D11_INPUT_ELEMENT_DESC structure. I shold have assinged 0 to the AlignedByteoffset and an incremental value to the InputSlot for the three buffers.
  2. What`s wrong with my textrue?

    Thank you! I finally fix that. It is all about the texture coordinates.
  3. What`s wrong with my textrue?

    Hello everyone. I`am a beginner of DX11 API. I recently learnt some tutorials and wrote a simple dx11 program which just drew a textured cube. But the result seemed to be not right. What`s wrong with it?