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    game development using directx/cryengine

    ummm yea that can be one reason, but i am more comfortable with the control i have in c++, also that i believe its better to improve skills. but ofcourse ur suggestions will be given a higher priority :p
  2. codetoeternity

    game development using directx/cryengine

    actually i wanna work with c++. i dont like c#. and about an year well i have to develop it as a final year project so i cant move the limits :D
  3. codetoeternity

    game development using directx/cryengine

    thanks for ur support :) last thing i wanna know is the time required to learn and develop. :) i mean just a rough idea.
  4. codetoeternity

    game development using directx/cryengine

    i would also like no know the knowledge of mathematics required in each of these. and can games not be developed just using directx without any engine?
  5. hello dear people. i plan to develop a game. replicating jetpack joyride. i wanna use c++ as primary language. i think i have two options. 1 is directx and other is cryengine (correct me if there are other c++ options) . at current i dont have knowledge of either directx or cryengine. so first i'll be learning whichever i'll choose. i wanna know, which one is better choice for a career in game programming? i also wanna have an idea if i will be able to complete the learning and development in 7months (with full attention). thanks.
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