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    What do you guys think about Batch script for games. I know it is very limited and can only produce text-based games, however with creativity you can still make something rather interesting. I wanna know what you guys think about it.
  2. MrCbrl95

    I need motivation and guidance

    Ive wanted to make a game for a long time, and i learned that making games is not as fun as playing them necessarily. However, i know that if i had some motivation and perhaps even someone to guide me, or others who i can work with and learn with i can do it. I just dont know where to get the motivation to continue; learning programming is a tedious task. Is there anyone who thinks they can guide me or something. If anything i can provide ideas and such for your own games in exchange for this.
  3. Learning JS, JQuery, HTML5
  4. MrCbrl95

    GD in NYC

    Are there any Game developers on here that live in NYC? LMK it be cool if I could meet some and learn things from em in person. Im a novice and currently I lack the motivation to learn on my own but would like to find people with similar interests out here.
  5. MrCbrl95

    Programming questions

    Yeah guys thanks for the advise, I figured out I had the wrong VS haha. I got the correct one. Turns out someone whos ben making games for a while is gunna tutor me. He's gunna have me start out making games using JS and  HTML5 though.  Thank you everyone for the advise.
  6. Beginning to learn C++. I plan to be a game developer but im still very new to it all. I know a little of Python, and am an average programmer using Batch if its even considered a programming language. However, i plan to work hard and learn C++ even if it takes a while. Anyone willing to help me? pm me
  7. Ive got Blend for Microsoft VS 2012. This is an IDE correct? sorry I am new to all this. So how do I open up the compiler? I cant figure out how to use VS to start programming in C++. I am currently starting to learn C++. However, I need the compiler which I have no idea how to use. Help please, thank you, much appreciated. Also, if someone would like, anyone wanna Skype to give me C++ lessons, I might learn faster, and also to use VS and SDL (later on) to make games and such. I am a level 0 Game developer, but I do have the will and I am a quick learner. Thanks
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