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  1. Display an STL file in iOS?

    Cool. Let's talk about this then.  It has really been holding up my current project.  I am the only developer on the project.  Basically it's my baby.  I'm trying to display an STL file in OPENGL for both Mac and iOS.  I don't really have any OPENGL code yet because I have not even gotten past extracting the data from the file.    Really, I have no idea where to even start, and I could be just deluding myself.  I'm not even sure if the suggestions I have seen will even work.  Can anyone here help me?
  2. I'm trying to figure out a way to display an STL file in iOS.  This has turned out to be much harder than expected.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Would I be able to post some code here, or is everyone going to tell me to use ASSIMP?
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