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  1. Meyer

    Any sample for callbacks ?

    Sorry , it works now, I just had to cast it like in the example  @test.onCompleteHandler= OnCompleteHandler(myObject.myMethod);
  2. Meyer

    Any sample for callbacks ?

    Hi again,   I tried to set my onCompleteHandler pointing to a class method but it doesn't work  (error : invalid opration on method) in the script i tried : @test.onCompleteHandler= @myObject.myMethod; (where myObject is a class instance) any idea ?
  3. Meyer

    Any sample for callbacks ?

    Thx a lot ! You were right. Now even if everybody knows my dirty secret ( I'm a bad programmer who forget to initialize variables ;-) ) I'm happy because I got callbacks with a generic (ref handle) userdata argument. It works great !!!
  4. Meyer

    Any sample for callbacks ?

    Hi, Do you have any sample explaning callbacks and funcdefs? Because I tried and still have crashes :-(   I try to register a callback with  r = engine->RegisterFuncdef("void OnCompleteHandler()");   and then a property with    r = engine->RegisterObjectProperty("Test", "OnCompleteHandler @onComplete", asOFFSET(Test, onCompleteHandler));    In my Test class I have a property declared this way :    asIScriptFunction *onCompleteHandler;   In my script I have a function   void MyCompleteHandler() { Log("Done"); };   but when this line is executed   @myTest.onComplete = @MyCompleteHandler; //<- crash when i try to set my property with my function handle.   I always crash in asCScriptEngine::CallObjectMethod because it tries to execute a release method on a object that doesn't exists.   Any help appreciated.   Thanks in advance      
  5. Meyer

    Tween script values from C++

    Thx for the rapid answer.   I'm currently trying to work with a reference class containing the float that will be updated by my c++ code, and it seems to work.   Concerning your question , I'm french so I'm not sure about the exact meaning of "tween" ;-) but for me it's an interpolation. And I consider a "tweener" as an interpolation system with special effects. Here are some links :   http://libclaw.sourceforge.net/tweeners.html       http://itween.pixelplacement.com/index.php
  6. Meyer

    Tween script values from C++

    Hi,   I would like to tween script values (or script properties) via a C++ tween module. But I don't know how to do this. In c++ it's quite easy, I just keep an int* or a float* and update values through these pointers but with angelscript float and int are value types and if I understand the documentation, I can't get any pointer to value types (and then I cannot modify them from my c++ code) It seems I might use the flag asEP_ALLOW_UNSAFE_REFERENCES  but I prefer a safier solution if possible. Do you have any idea  how to do this? Thanks in advance.
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