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    There are some game design related changes i would like to see (Hope you want feedback on that too). They will also give you some more stuff to program :).   Randomness ; Give the hits some chance, and with it some more outcomes. Think of DnD's die rolls to determine damage. This will give more depth than just the simple "hit or miss".  Motivation ; What is the motivation behind hitting or running or doing anything in the game right now? Give the player a goal and with that possibly a winstate. A reason to run is also missing. Why would I run? I can't die anyways.  Feedback ; Give some more feedback to the player as to what happens or what his surroundings look like. With the earlier mentioned damage  you can give a couple of different texts based on the severity of the hit. Also some feedback on how the enemy is doing after you hit him would be nice.    I can't think of anymore right now but this should keep you busy for a bit too. :)   Cheers,  IYIonster
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