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  1. Code review for my first game ?

    Thank you very much for your feedback and i am looking forward to correct all the things you said me. Also about the std i agree that is essential but since the program wasnt big enough i prefered not to use it. I will create my next game now , propably a blackjack and then a pong maybe ? Anyway when i finish it , i will post it here and hopefully i my code will be better eventually. Thank again and i appreciate your help!
  2. Hello , my name is kostas and i  am 18 years old student at ionian university( computer science ). My hopes are that someday i will become a good game / graphics programmer. After 7 hours of work i finished my first game tic tac toe ( 2 players no AI ) using c++(ide visual studio 2012 prof since its free for students ) and SDL . I will post my c++ fille and hopefully you could do a review of my code and suggest me what should i do better.... Your suggestions are necessary so i can become better! Thanks a lot for your time. link here : http://www.sendspace.com/file/6ktmss . For a reason i couldnt attach the cpp fille so i had to upload it ?!
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