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  1. Ok, after several tries, I finally got monodevelop to work correctly with GTK# applications. Both vb and c#.   However, it was a rough fix, so I was wondering if someone can give me the proper steps to install Mono, Monodevelop and GTK#, so it works correctly.   For now, what I did was select missing assemblies manually, which is because of the error messages I got. Except, after doing so, I have duplicate entries in my references and it creates unnecessary clutter. I'm no expert, so I like my development environment to work correctly out of the box, with maybe minimal configuration.   If you installed these 3 dev components and got GTK# programs to correctly compile without errors, could you please post the necessary steps you took?   Or any other pointers on this would be great!
  2. Ok, I'm actually more serious about this question, then just another "what's better" topic.   I mostly program with C/C++, but after seeing all the great software developed with C# I got very interested in game programming with XNA. After searching for information, I found out that XNA will not be developed anymore. First of all, is this correct?   Microsoft is great and I love the developer tools, but it seems to be true, that they have never stuck with a game development technology for long.   My main question is this. What is really hapenning with XNA and is it worth working with today? Is Microsoft going to be releasing a new game development technology? Is it going to be scrapped completely? Will it be supported? etc. I think you guys get what I mean.   C/C++ has always been a fine language and whenever a library gets discontinued, there is something else to pick it up.   What are the XNA/C# options for the near future?
  3. robotbrain

    Game server design?

    Actually I'm thinking of 2 different design types. 1 is a multiplayer fps and the other would be an mmo. I don't have a game in the works, but I looked at a game like eve online and I'm very interested in how a game server can handle many clients while mediating huge space battles. I don't have a clear perspective on what I'm looking for, since I just started looking into this for the first time. The multiplayer fps is most likely what I would actually attempt to do myself. That might be 2 dozen players at most running around on a level. Regardless of what I go with, this is something I want to build from scratch, so I'm mostly looking into figuring out the best technologies to go with, such as language and libraries.
  4. robotbrain

    Game server design?

    Where can I find information on creating a game server. I understand that it is a broad topic, but I am looking for some simple ideas on how to structure it. I program in C/C++. Some links to websites, or books would help.
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