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  1. Squashed!

    Hey guys! I'm a member of an indie development group called Slanted Canteloupe Studios. We are releasing a title called Squashed! and we’d love for you guys to check it out and tell us what you think.Squashed! Is a party, arcade racing game that is set in an outdoor, garden environment. As a member of the Ramiken species, a race of tiny garden people, players take part in an annual racing tournament that decides the leader of their species.Squashed! has a top down perspective and its gameplay has players competing to be the last person left alive. Players who fall off-screen of the camera are eliminated from the round and the surviving player is rewarded with points. So grab your controllers and grab some friends because it is time to race for the Ramekin princess! A in production trailer for the game can be found at ( You can also download the game from here ( Visit our website ( or like us on facebook ( for more information about the game .   Slanted Canteloupe Studios 
  2. the concept looks incredible!
  3. Ocarina of time for sure, sucked me into a different world when i was playing that game
  4. Autodesk Maya 2014 Review

    the re topology tools make life sooo much easier now. No more z brush retopo