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  1. New Games From EverFire Studios!

      Thanks and yes we are! EverFire has been around for little under a year. 
  2. EverFire Studios is excited to show you two current projects currently in the works. Bring Out Your Dead trading card game and Cyber Solstice. Each project offers a completely different style of interactive entertainment.   Bring Out Your Dead is an in-depth card game where players able to create their own cards. The theme of the game deals with zombies during the black plague era!   Cyber Solstice is a classic flyby arcade shooter that will be a multi-platform game. The game takes place in a futuristic world where technology intertwines with fantasy.   Check out both projects and everything else EverFire Studios has to offer at the company website and social media pages.   Website:   Facebook:   Twitter:   [attachment=18078:944331_131917520341876_1618146482_n.jpg] [attachment=18079:1150723_504303302988790_1559267694_o.jpg] [attachment=18080:292586_131917650341863_113769921_n.jpg] [attachment=18081:533943_497216657030788_905117644_n (1).png]   About EverFire Studios: EverFire Studios is an independent video game developer that is currently working on multiple interactive entertainment projects. The team consists of professionals from across the United States with diverse backgrounds, all sharing the same passion for creating innovative games that appeal to all types of gamers. EverFire Studios uses the latest in cloud development tools to create games among its collocated teams, changing the way games are being made and played in a way that is akin to the birth of the ever-changing video game industry.