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  1. Pooya Eimandar

    DirectX Graphics Diagnostic

    Thanks my friend.   You're welcome ;) Actually it supports Direct3D10, but I did not test on Direct3D9.
  2. Pooya Eimandar

    DirectX 11.1 Game Programming Book by Pooya Eimandar

      Sure, thanks.
  3. Hi    The book "DirectX 11.1 Game Programming" by Pooya Eimandar brings unprecedented power and flexibility to programmers who want to excel in graphical programs.  DirectX 11.1 Game Programming is an introduction to creating interactive computer graphics and games, using Direct3D 11.1. You would be guided through the new features of Direct3D along with XAML to build an extensible multithreaded framework for creating 3D applications and games on the Windows 8 metro style platform. Get the more information about this book on PackT website or book website.      Chance to Win Free Copies of Packt’s new book on DirectX 11.1   Readers would be pleased to know that we have teamed up with Packt Publishing to organize a contest of my newly published book DirectX 11.1 Game Programming And 3 lucky winners stand a chance to win eBook copies of the book. Keep reading to find out how you can be one of the Lucky Winners. Get more information on   http://directx11-1-gameprogramming.azurewebsites.net/      
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