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  1. dragons

    Using MakeHuman..is it cheating?

    If you were trying to sign to work for me and my big world project. I would ask you if you can model a human from scratch, and if you can't, I'm gonna fire you, but if you can, I would say to you, "Use whatever tools you can to meet that deadline, else I will fire you".   Many of the 3D modeling tools nowadays are allmost automotive which is not bad, but if you are not able to create the same level of detail those tools provide you, then you should work on these skills some more.   PS: This is my point of view if I ever get to the boss position, that's how I will proceed to hire people.
  2. dragons

    debugging for beginners

    I have no idea how to use any debugger tool in the IDE so I'm used only to read the code and output results trough the printing function, the one that outputs "Hello Worlds". This print function is my best friend so far.   That is how I debugg my games.
  3. dragons

    Going from hobbyist to professional?

    Start an indie game, then publish it. I if is creative enough it will get enough attention, thus the money. Think for your next game and hire developers from the money you earned with your first game. Publish again and expect the same.   If you are creative enough, you can build your own company and be the boss. The idea is to show that you can do more than the rest of the world and to think waaay out of the box so people can see you.   Thats my plan.
  4. dragons

    Randomly generated circles in pygame.

    Begin reading this: http://inventwithpython.com/chapters/ and this http://inventwithpython.com/pygame/chapters/
  5. Write a plan on a paper.
  6. dragons

    Need help with Python/Pygame Collision

    def is_within_borders(): # Assume we have 500, 500 window with 50, 50 player size. if player.x < 0: player.x = 0 elif player.x > 450: player.x = 450 return True
  7. dragons

    Is it possible?

    You can create a indie game with a team of few friends, or duo even. Take for example minecraft, so simple, yet popular. Creativity should be your first steps. Think for a simple, unique game. Dont focus on the details or graphics, again, minecraft here. Think for a unique mechanics that people will like. Low graphics, and low poly models will make you focus on the mechanics of the game more.
  8. How dare you not starting with "Get to da chopaa" !? LOL gj but I really hoped to hear this :D
  9. dragons

    Need a link advice.

    Books is what your need. If you plan to write stories, you must learn to read, first.
  10. dragons

    Kinda lost on where to start

    I dont know about Java. C++ takes vast amount of learning even to build a small text based game. Usualy this is throwing people off of programming. And don't think that if you take a language to learn, other the ones used for mainstream game development, you will waste time. Actualy, picking a low level language, learning ti well, and then head for C++, will be much faster to get and realize how things works. Rather than going stright for the very advanced C++.   Learning one language is everything, every second one you will learn the syntax pretty much. Start with Python a scripting language that is very simple, then go with C++ after a year or so. This will make sure you have a scripting knowledge as a backup.
  11. dragons

    Pixel art

    Pixel art can be fit into Indie Games best. But It is better to start 2D art in general. This will ensure you know topics like, Pixel art, sketches, Texture drawing etc, you know, 2D stuff. This, 2D skills will sure have 100% place in modern games. Pixel Art is 2D art.
  12. dragons

    Kinda lost on where to start

    C languages are very hard for complete begginers, You must start with something easier, Python is great and very easy to start with. You will see your results much much faster than C++.
  13. dragons

    Is this really worth it?

    You need a passioned buddy, keeps motivated both o you. If you used Blender, then you should know that in their website have tons of people everyday, willing to build games, begging for programmers. Pick some random guy and see what it takes to manage a game. Learn from mistakes and dont fear to try the impossible.
  14. dragons

    How to get motivated to learn Programming?

    You don't need to pay anyone to teach you. Open google and find yoruself a bounch of tutorials and start reading. Set goals im your mind and chase them, by goal's I dont mean to build that big mmo or something. Be realistic and let the first goal to be a graphical UI game, that is able just to move your character around. Goal 2 should be to build a mini GUI game. Goal 3, a more advanced game, add scores, levelts, etc, improve graphics, etc etc. Learning programming should be a passion, not a task. Also you can find anyone to collab with you just for the fun. Don't speed your money on such things like paying a mentor, becouse it is unnecessery.   Reroll it to be a passion, and not something you force yourself to learn. Set goals in your mind and reach them. Be prepared to read alot. Be organized.
  15. dragons

    Getting in to games development

    What programs are you using to create 2D? We can collab if you going to use Python. I was looking for a 2D artist.
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