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    Hey guys! So for the past 3 years my friend (PastyWhite) and I have been collaborating together on our first game and we figured it was about time to show what we have been up to. The project initially started off as a competition entry into the DX Studio 2008 Winter Games Competition. After the competition the game was put on hold for a few years. We eventually decided to form our own company Ghost Mantis Games (www.ghostmantis.com) and finish the game. Since then we made the jump to the Unity engine and have been grinding away at it ever since. We are going to be updating this thread regularly as we progress. We also have more info and posts on our website with additional content and tutorials. Once we add a few more things we will be uploading videos of the game play. A bit about the game: It's a fully networked web based MMORPG with heavy emphasis on combat. We wanted to put a fast paced fighting system into an MMORPG, since we haven't really seen that before. Think Devil May Cry meets World of Warcraft. What has been completed so far: - Database setup - User account creation and login - Character Creation - Lobby System with Chat - Players can create a mission and others can join - Enemy Spawning - Networked Enemy AI - Attack System - Item Drops - Experience System and Player Level ups - Player Inventory and the ability to equip items - Wepaon system with the ability to link attacks to weapons - Player movement prediction for smoother gameplay Keep in mind everything you see is a work in progress. During development we focused on fleshing out the game play mechanics first, and making sure all the server side code works and is as optimized as possible. We are now going through and creating final assets for the game. Some screen shots: [attachment=18091:screen_01.jpg] [attachment=18092:screen_02.jpg] [attachment=18093:screen_03.jpg] [attachment=18094:screen_04.jpg] [attachment=18095:screen_05.jpg] And some concept art: [attachment=18096:screen_06.jpg] [attachment=18097:screen_07.jpg] [attachment=18098:screen_08.jpg] [attachment=18099:screen_09.jpg]
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