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  1. Laz

    I have won this fight...

    [font="Trebuchet MS"]... but the war is far from over. With the help of a friend, we finally got the camera working properly in my "game." The player is now roaming around on the proper axis and the camera follows the player (both as a stationary camera or an attached camera). I'm pretty stoked to finally get it to where it was when I loaded it up last week, but actually done in a more proper manner this time. It may seem like a small feat, but considering I haven't so much as looked at code in literally 3-4 years, it's a pretty cool thing. Next up is to set up the rendering code properly (Saying this makes it sound much more sophisticated than it is ... it's nothing more than a top-down shooter). First up is to find a model format I'd like to work with, then I need to get some models to play with. At which point I can write the model loading code and figure out how I want to feed them into my game, then spew them out. There's some other rendering stuff I need to clean up and impletement and streamline, but we'll see how this goes. Once again, baby steps. I'll start on this tomorrow. So. Task #1 of 4 is complete! Then onto the coding of gameplay, I hope. This is actually kind of refreshing, getting back into this, even in a limited manner. Apparently it's been a while for the friend helping me, too. Hopefully with me actively talking to him about programming, he'll get the itch? ;-)[/font]
  2. I feel I'm in matrix hell right now. It's all I've been staring at all evening looking at my code. I brought my math books into work with me today to read all about the wonderful world of matrices and vectors. It's amazing how much just came back to me with a simple refresher, but I still need to learn when to dot, when to cross, etc etc... I will get there. I keep saying it, but damn, I hacked this together so bad. It's horrible. I'm trying to find the logical flow of things and when I think I've found it, something breaks. So either I hacked it in wrong, or what I think the "logical flow" of my code should be isn't correct. I'm half tempted to throw this all out and start over, but I think fixing this would be a great re-learning experience for me. I wish I knew a local game developer that could help me in-person. Trying to get help from people over the inter nets is proving difficult. The simple todo list I've created for myself (which contained three items) now has sub-items. Every time I find something that's broken, I put a sub item under the primary one I'm working on. I'm on .... #1! It's already gotten 4 or 5 sub items, with nothing removed. This is a good thing for me though, as anybody who knows me and coding knows I have a horrible problem of looking at the project as a whole, getting flustered and giving up. All these smaller items are good. Essentially fixing the root of these issues should make the rest of the sub-items on my todo list vanish pretty quickly. Finish the "fix it" list then onto creating a gameplay to-do list! Baby steps... Oh well. See you again on Monday, Journal!
  3. Laz

    Math is hard

    I started cleaning up some of the code today. I managed to get the camera looking down the "proper" axis, now it's a matter of changing everything else. Because of the change, it showed me a bunch of problems with my code that hacking fixed last time. Sooo trying to fix it reminded me that .... ... math is hard! It's been so long since I've stared at a Matrix, stared at a vector, done cross and dot products .... I can't remember when to cross or why to dot or anything! I've thankfully got some help in this department from a friend, and this weekend I will be going through storage to get my maff books out. Tomorrow will be "tackle rotation" day to try to get things rotating properly. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure my rotation code is correct and my drawing code isn't. /facepalm. Fucking hacked together programming! As a side note, I just saw that XNA workshop that's going on. I wish I had had this spark of inspiration sooner, that way I'd have known about it and been able to properly go through it. I've no desire to try to catch up. Oh well, maybe next time. Now I must start closing up here at work so I can go home and raid*. Stupid halfus dragon combination this week! Probably skipping BoT to work on Atramedes some more. Hooray for "retard finder" fights. * Yes, I play World of Warcraft.
  4. Laz

    Caution, dysfunction inside.

    Its been a while. I can't make any guarantees that I will be sticking around, but the opportunity has come up for me to have some time to work on some things, should I decide that I want to get into the hobby again. I decided today to open up some code to a game I started about 8 years ago. I was quite concerned about how much of it would be greek to me. It has honestly been about 6 years since I did any coding whatsoever. Fortunately, it seems as though this is kind of like riding a bike. At first I was a little wobbly but after a bit I delved right back into it like I kind of knew what I was doing. It's amazing how sloppy the overall code is. Even though it's been a long while since I've done any sort of development, I've become better acquainted with flow and logical progression in terms of how things should be pieced together and work. So I've created a little todo list for myself on the project that has three items on it. If I can successfully complete these three items, then I feel I will have enough ability to see the project through fruition. Here's hoping, anyway. As always, it comes down to a matter of motivation. Feels like this, as a hobby, is a hopeless endeavor sometimes. There are quite a few hurdles to jump in all of this. A lot has changed in the game development world. Let's see if I can catch up. Cheers.
  5. Laz

    ## uhh

    It's a trap
  6. Laz

    ## lol

  7. Laz

    ## new gaem?!

    So I was sittin around and came up with a nifty idea for a game. It would be 2D. It would be similar to FART (kill as much as you can until you die). It would have weapons. It would have powerups. It may have multiplayer. I may be too lazy to make it.
  8. Laz

    ## GH Tourney

    a sticker
  9. Laz

    ## GH Tourney

    The Breaking Wheel
  10. Laz

    ## GH Tourney

    I got 2nd place. Should have been first, and here's why. Let's assume the following people played: Tom Bill Laz John Round 1: Tom and Bill played each other, Tom won. Laz and John played each other, Laz won. Round 2: The losers from round 1, Bill and John, play each other. Bill wins. The winners from round 1, Laz and Tom, play each other. Laz wins. John is out for good. Round 3: So now the winner from round 2 plays against the winner of the losers from round 2. Laz vs Bill. Laz wins. Round 4: So now, the loser of round 3, Bill, plays against the loser of the winners of round 2, Tom. Bill wins. Round 5: The winner of round 3, Laz (whom hasn't lost yet), plays against the winner of round 4, Bill (Who has lost 2 times already, once to Laz). Bill wins (Because it was a song Laz has never played and it was apaprent that Bill had). So ... I came in 2nd to a guy who had lost twice before, and one of his losses was against me (2 rounds prior to the final). How fucked up is that? Yeah, I know the diagram AND the explanation are hard to follow, but I did as best as I could. What pisses me off is everybody got a chance to lose except me. The guy who beat me even got to lose twice. =/ I guess it makes me feel better knowing that I didn't lose -at all- when everyone else did ... but it still sucks knowing that I lost to a loser. I got a sticker for coming in 2nd place. At least I had fun.
  11. Laz

    ## Guitar Hero

    So about 2 weeks ago I decided to enter a Guitar Hero tournament at the local EB store here. The tournament is tomorrow and takes place in the middle of the mall. Now, two things wrong here. 1) I'm not necessarily good at Guitar Hero 2) I get extremely nervous and embarassed in front of a crowd, I don't know HOW I'm supposed to play in the middle of the mall. *cry* Today they had a qualifying round at the EB store. That was bad enough, I was shaking and really nervous, lots of people around. They're tournamenting in two brackets, Hard and Expert. I signed up for Hard. So today at the qualifying rounds, I went and did my thing. Got a phone call tonight saying that I -did- qualify, I made 3rd place, so I get to go tomorrow at 4pm and play at the mall. I was sort of hoping that I wouldn't qualify so I wouldn't have to go embarass myself. But, alas, I qualified. So tomorrow, Guitar Hero tournament at the mall. Oh joy of joys. It's gonna suck.
  12. Laz

    ## Beyond Hell

    GWAR's new album, "Beyond Hell," does not suck.
  13. Laz

    ## gogo rav!

    RAVUYA FOR PRESIDENT! ****======== ****======== ****======== ============ ============
  14. SACNAD? or NADSAC? Nad Sack?
  15. Laz

    ## It sucks, but it's a start

    No, doing nothing different. For quick wireframe all I did was glPolygonMode(GL_FRONT_AND_BACK, FL_LINE); ... does the same thing if I use a line strip instead of a triangle strip. Quote:To fix it, you'd usually make a 'degenerate triangle' - one where two of the points coincide - so, once you finish a row, repeat the last point of the last triangle before starting the next row. Yep, doing that =) Thanks for the replies, yeah i know that a triangle strip involved pretty much plotting the first vertex and the last vertex of each row twice, I just wasn't sure if the lines from right to left were normal in line mode, and if so, how to make them not show up.
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