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  1. I've tried reading books and various sources for making a game but I tend to get lost as I get more into it.   I was wondering if I could have something simple and the game still work? I don't have any code but I've been trying to think of a simplified way to think about the code, simple enough that it'll run. class game { main() { createWindow(); gameLoop() { Update(); Render(); } closeWindow(); return 0; } Update() { CreateObjectEntities(); Input(); UpdateObjectEntities(); } Render() { //I have no idea what kind of methods go in here } CreateObjectEntities() { //Creates objects and add them to an array? I don't really know how to handle this } Input() { //Looks for input and updates player } UpdateObjectEntities() { //AI method that updates all the NPC characters //Method that checks if anyone was hit, killed, falling, etc. //Any other methods to update anything? } }; If I went about making a simple game with psuedo-code as like a guideline would this be fine? Am I forgetting anything, I know I probably am? Would something need to be put in a different order? How should I go about handling rendering things? Should I put all the object/entities made that will be displayed into an array and then in the render method read from that array and render through the information given in that?   Thanks for any help.
  2. For a class assignment we've been tasked with making an appointment class that holds some variables and another class that makes an array of the appointment class. But I'm not sure if I'm adding the appointment object correctly. public class Appointment { private int date, hour, minute; private String month, msg; public Appointment() { setMonth("APR"); setDate(4); setHour(0); setMinute(0); setMessage("Default Message"); } //constructor that takes parameters //main method that creates two objects to test the constructors, will be deleted before finished //set and get methods //toString method to print the values the object's variable values } public class Planner { Appointment[] DayPlanner = new Appointment[20]; DayPlanner[0] = new Appointment(); //Error: ']' expected | invalid method declaration; return type required }
  3. Can someone explain what the scene is? I don't quite understand how everything is supposed to connect together. Like how do things get added to the scene? It looks like the scene itself gets told to call a method in the gameobject class to add that object to the scene. But what tells the scene which gameobject to add?
  4. The article. http://www.gamedev.net/page/resources/_/technical/game-programming/making-a-game-engine-core-design-principles-r3210   So I was wondering a few things about this. What's a singleton? I'm not sure I understand what the person means for scene. When they describe it makes sense but I kind of get loss looking at their code.   How does the scene know what game object to add to the scene?
  5. I was wondering before I got started if someone were to make their own game using C++ or some language and some libraries how would they add multiple levels or maps? Would they have to input everything manually? Would they have to build their own level/map editor? Could they take a preexisting level/map editor and adapt their game to recognize what another level editor puts out?   What is the best path to go about making levels/maps for a game?   Sorry if this isn't the right section, I couldn't think of where it might go.
  6. Keyeszx

    Kinda lost on where to start

    So when people say this are they saying it believing the person to have 0 programming experience? I've learned the basics for java and C++. I was always assuming when they said that C++ is harder to grasp that they meant game development wise. So between java or C++ it won't matter? I know one of the big things will be garbage collection which is manual in C++ but automatically done in java.
  7. I've seen some tutorials that go over the basics of making a game engine and then making pong or snake using that game engine. I was wondering if there was a basic overview of the game engine development process.   Like from what I've seen most start off with a game class and set up a window then the game loop. Somewhere along the line sprite class, input handling class, etc.   Is there a list of most likely components necessary for a game engine? Also, I see these tuts set up the screen in the game class. Cant' they do that in the window class or would that make it too specific to be used in another project?
  8. Keyeszx

    Kinda lost on where to start

    What makes C languages harder? I'm just curious. I was thinking of using C++ with SFML but then I keep hearing C languages are more difficult?
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