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  1.   The performance issues you had with flash was most likey due to a misuse of Flash, for best performance you should pre-load the images(You can't instantly load stuff over the internet) and blit them, If you have a separate displayobject/sprite/movieclip for each image performance will drop dramatically.   The best way to communicate with PHP from flash is by using the URLLoader/URLRequest classes, it is pretty darn solid, if you need better performance you have to cut out the webserver (Flash also supports normal sockets so you can connect directly to a custom server)   For JS things are a bit harder, you pretty much have to use WebGL to get decent performance on most browsers (chrome is the only one i've tested that handles canvas reasonably well, AFAIK internet explorer and safari does aswell, firefox24 however performs quite a bit worse(for large sprite counts it will fail miserably)     Allright, thx!    It's probably my poor Flash programming: I used different display objects for each image.   I guess, I'll go back to Flash. Thx again. I think I got all the info I wanted.
  2. Ok thanks again for all the info ! You are great!    I think I am now hesitating between JavaScript and Flash:   Reasons:   1) The gamers would be college/university students, so with "modern" browsers (chrome/mozilla) but probably unwilling to install plugins.   2) The kind of game I would do are very basic 2D game in which people had to press yes/no as rapidly as they could to whether some objects were present in a room.   3) It would be great if I could use the same programming language to create a functional (meaning not artistic) website that communicates well with PhP and MySQL.   4) As with which language I am already familiar : I made a bricks breaking game on C++ builder, I often program script to arrange data on Matlab and VBA excel, and finally my last project was a 2D game with action script 3 in Flash.   My last concern is that my last game in Flash, although it was basic there were some delays in pictures presentations when loading too many too large pictures in the room, which is what I would like to limit as much as possible. Moreover I found that Flash communicates poorly with php (maybe it is a false impression?).   Altogether, it looks like, for my use, JavaScript might be a better choice than Flash. What do you think?
  3. Let's put the question simplier:   Between: Javascript / Flash(as) / Java / Unity   Which is best for: - quick pictures/sounds loading and presentation - accurate stopwatch timing - overall speed of processing   Thanks again !
  4. Thank you all for your advices, it is highly appreciated!    Thanks SimonForsman, 60 fps is a good point too because I guess any game based on keyboard events in response to visual displays is intrisically limited in time accuracy by the fps.  So 16 ms is the best temporal resolution I can hope. And so JavaScript or Java are equally good to attain this precision.   Then my choice would depend on sensitiveness or occurences to/of lags. For that I answer to Satharis :         Yes, you're right. I'll try to be more specific:   Goals: - accurately record the time elapsed between the presentation of a visual stimulus and a keyboard event - present visual stimuli for precisely the time asked or the closest (e.g. 250 ms)   The potential sources of inaccuracies are then: - delay in loading and presenting the visual stimulus ( --> the stimulus is presented 25 ms later than expected) - delay for timing ( --> the stopwatch stops and records the time elapsed 25 ms later than expected) - delay due to processing the line codes in general.   Would you favor a specific browser-compatible scripting language when accounting for these kinds of delay?   Thank you again for your help!
  5. Okay, thanks!   But then between Javascript / Flash(as) / Java / Unity, which you think is the most time accurate (millisecond precision) scripting language for programming small online games?
  6. Hello dear experts!   I apologize if you feel this question has been asked hundred of times, I looked in the past records I couldn't find any trace.   My question: What is according to you the most time accurate scripting language for programming small online games?   First some definitions: - time accurate: meaning that (1) there can't be any lag, (2) temporal resolution must be millisecond to tens of millisecond. - small onling game: simple 2D animations, single player, loadable on any browser   Why this question:  I would like to program a game anyone can play on his browser in which accurate timing is the essence. E.g.: I need to be able to tell that a player played 21 ms faster than the first time.     I had read C was the most powerful (least memory consumption and fastest running time, hence I suppose most time accurate?) but C can't go online. So what's the best alternatives ?   Thanks in advance for all your inputs !
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