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    Omega: Universe Sim

    Hey all figure I'd share a side project that I've been working on for a few years now.   Omega is an open source (AGPLv3+) universe simulator written in Ruby (based on event machine) that serves requests over the json-rpc protocol:   Includes is a simulation server and library, a slew of utility binaries and example scripts, as well as a complete test suite and HTML5 / OpenGL frontend based on middleman and three.js   The server is broken up into subsystems and implements a full role based access control so that the administrator can very tightly / granularily restrict which users have access to view and modify which entities. See the extensive documention in the project repository and reference API.   There are many different ways it can be used / extended for various purposes, for example a recent addition enables ship jumps between systems running on disparate servers (think a universe over ip). The project is still in its early phases and there is much left to be added, but the groundwork is there.   Just putting this out there to attract some attention and get feedback. Of course anyone that wanted to try it out and/or contribute would be more than welcome!   Attached below are a couple select screenshots, see the wiki for more. Thanks for looking!  
  2. mmorsi

    Comments/Crit on Infinite Space RTS

    Been working on an open source side (AGPL3+) side project for a few years now. Just about stable enough to actually show off (though there is much to be added). Was holding of on doing a write up, sending it out till I did a demo at the local hackerspace next week but what the heck... :-)   Based on JSON-RPC so you can play it from the browser or from any client written in any language on any platform:   As mentioned its still early in development but I'd love to hear people's thoughts (and of course patches / contributions are more than welcome).   The 'infinite' mechanism can be addressed by a recent feature added where ships can jump between systems running on different servers.   By running different locations (at any level) in parallel, one can create their own universe over IP:  
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