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  1. Algorithms

    I see, giving rules or effects on the terrain it is moving can give some factor in where it should go first, though I have a question what if there is no terrain o-o. Just a simple one do you think if we will simulate it. it will always go to Point A or Point B? or it will go alternately every time you test it o-o
  2. Algorithms

    Thank you sir for your reply and it gave me an idea on how work on this algorithm based on the scenario that you told me. Though can I ask for more scenario that the algorithm might face a problem or its disadvantage given that we only need to find the path not the shortest path or best path for it.   Somehow "multiple units going to one place" this made me realize that what is the path going to the target is only passable by one what will happened to the other variables?   also "one unit going to one of several goals" this means that the algorithm will find the shortest path right?   edit: another one what if there is two target and they have the same range, where should it start to go?can I ask your suggestion for this sir >.< Thank you very much   for the moment I want to think of scenarios for this algorithm >.<
  3. Algorithms

    Greetings, I am new in game development and I would like to study some algorithms that can be used on games.    Can someone please share their ideas on what algorithm should be use on games (for example is A* for path finding) and hopefully if they know some problems on that certain algorithm.   Also at the moment I am studying A* algorithm and does anyone know what can be enhance on this algorithm?  Thanks