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  1. Ninu : The Magical Sword

    All info is being updated at link is in the project details
  2. Ninu : The Magical Sword

    The recent changes are due too realizing that the game we imagined would fit much better as an RPG so big changes were made and it's now being done in RPG Maker Vx Ace
  3. Ninu : The Magical Sword

    You should make a timeline. It's generally good for everyone. Or so my college (seems to) think.     Like a timeline on this site or make one for me and my friend?
  4. Ninu : The Magical Sword

    We have no idea but I start modeling today and thanks   Cool thats good it all starts with an idea and it sounds like a good one!   If you need any help just ask I'd be more then happy to assist with the Unity3D side of things.     Thanks =D
  5. Ninu : The Magical Sword

    We have no idea but I start modeling today and thanks
  6. Catching Clowns - GTA meets Temple Run

    Sadly I have not played it but I will def check it out
  7. Catching Clowns - GTA meets Temple Run

    Looks cool and the atmosphere the pictures give off is nice to 
  8. Alpha Glide KickStarter

    Looks cool , I will follow this  If I get some extra money I will def put some for it
  9. Ninu : The Magical Sword

    Its actually not gonna be a RPG its gonna be a Side-Scroller with basic fighting and movement but that won't mean the story will be shallow or anything If I am able I would like to add some rpg aspects in it but as of now that's not the plan   The story is taking awhile but I am determined to finish it We are hoping that we can get this done in a year or two but we are overachievers so it will come out awesome
  10. Mage's Quest

    Sounds Cool
  11. Ninu : The Magical Sword

    I will be adding concept art later this week hopefully
  12. Ninu : The Magical Sword

    [rollup='Story']In Modern Japan a Girl took a walk through the woods but she landed on a strange altar which held a sword she took the sword unleashing ancient evil she must now live in a Fantasy Feudal Japan until she can find a way to change her world back[/rollup]   [rollup='Content']- RPG overhead style - Cartoonish graphics - Many classes - Many quests - Many lands,towns,dungeons,cities[/rollup]   [rollup='Game Information']Company - Dark Moon Games Made With - RPG Maker Vx Ace [/rollup]   [rollup='Staff']Dylan Bowman - Lead Designer Brian Crawford - Idea Man, Co-Designer [/rollup]   [rollup='Links']Facebook - Twitter - Youtube - Website - [/rollup]
  13. Project Root - The Evolution of Shoot'Em Up for PC

    Looks cool , Voted on Greenlight too  good luck =D