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  1. Heh did some different type of art today, Happy Easter :) https://t.co/aBgYDnpHwN
  2. Check out the new and improved A-mazing Ants on @itchio https://t.co/O5wQdkxVli #indiegame #arcade
  3. Just a little #gamedev update on A-mazing Ants https://t.co/l29Q0cWMjL
  4. I posted a #gamedev update on my Tumblr page last night https://t.co/c4Xmuj8Bs1
  5. Just checked wbc3 reviews why am not surprised ;) https://t.co/UbSJwhYwrT
  6. Nice to see some traffic on my Itchio page the tumbleweeds were taking over there for a while
  7. 2)A-mazing Ants has a cool 2 player option for the game so you do battle with a friend :) https://t.co/MnoLGxSMrx
  8. For those that haven't seen it here is my games trailer https://t.co/iNhf6QcEjs #indiedev
  9. RT @CanadiensMTL: Pacioretty prend le retour et marque! // Patches takes a rebound and scores! #gohabsgo https://t.co/7Ers6gzN4B
  10. Well I think I just need to add some sound and I'm good to go
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