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  1. RT @Jupiter_Hadley: Check out part 1 of my MiniLD #55 compilation video series! http://t.co/2KkgsHnPZR #LDJAM @_Egee
  2. finished my MiniLD entry, time for theme voting now! #LDJAM http://t.co/JeouGVCZIJ
  3. RT @ludumdare: Theme Voting for Ludum Dare 31 has begun! Tune in every day this week for a new round! http://t.co/CxUIRIzjKt #LDJAM http://…
  4. RT @ludumdare: TWO WEEKS until Ludum Dare 31! Perfect time to have Theme Slaughter! http://t.co/U8zTsTfrui #LDJAM http://t.co/dIy2YoHEC1
  5. RT @gas1312_AGD: PLACEBO is OUT! My EP Entirely made with a #gameboy RT for a chance to have a free code #chiptune #8bit #newmusic https:…
  6. RT @drewholmes: "You are leaving the mission area" is something that absolutely must be abolished in video games.
  7. Good C (not C++) math library?

    Kazmath seems a library that could suit your need, it's cross-platform and is used by cocos2d-x (even though the last version have transitioned to a c++ math library). I personally use only a small subset of it, but so far the library is robust enough.
  8. RT @FuturLab: Freemium = 'Free' + 'mium', where 'mium' is latin for 'Not really' -https://t.co/Wzxf212Z81
  9. actually, you should only have one value from freetype, so GL_RED should be enough, sorry my mistake.   yes,  edit your shader where the r value of your color will contain you alpha value.   or use a swizzle mask like explained here, in your case it would be:   //after binding the texture GLint swizzleMask[] = {GL_RED, GL_RED, GL_RED,GL_RED}; glTexParameteriv(GL_TEXTURE_2D, GL_TEXTURE_SWIZZLE_RGBA, swizzleMask); with this you don't need to change your shader.
  10. It should be GL_LUMINANCE_ALPHA instead of GL_ALPHA, freetype output a luminance value + an alpha value per pixel.   Also, keep in mind that GL_ALPHA and GL_LUMINANCE_ALPHA have been removed starting with core OpenGL 3.1, you might want to use a different format and edit your shader to copy the value in the corresponding color channel (explained on this stackoverflow page) . You can also just create your own bitmap buffer with 4 byte per pixel and copy the luminance value in the RGB channels directly.
  11. RT @ludumdare: Important! @mikekasprzak would like Ludum Dare to stop using #LD48 hashtag and #LDJAM instead: http://t.co/NlgHCPiL8o http:/…