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  1. Beginner trying to develop

    I had no experience in making games just like yourself and I taught myself how to use the Unity3D engine, if anything I would advise using Unity as it really is a good engine and there is a lot of support via the forums and the scripting reference.   Whatever you decide best of luck to you!
  2. Ninu : The Magical Sword

    We have no idea but I start modeling today and thanks   Cool thats good it all starts with an idea and it sounds like a good one!   If you need any help just ask I'd be more then happy to assist with the Unity3D side of things.
  3. Ninu : The Magical Sword

    This sounds interesting have you got any ideas on a release date as of yet?   By the way love the Unity3D engine it's the same engine I use for development, anyway best of luck to you with the game
  4. Catching Clowns - GTA meets Temple Run

    Just remembered guys got a Facebook page for Catching Clowns as well, would be grateful for any likes:!/pages/Catching-Clowns/347833875306089   Thanks for all your supports really appreciate it!
  5. Catching Clowns - GTA meets Temple Run

    Thanks for the reply, I'm glad you like it!   At the moment I'm really just concentrating on getting a trailer done and improving the version on the current devices, but never say never maybe one day in the future it will be available on Ouya, it's something new to look into.
  6. Catching Clowns - GTA meets Temple Run

    Thanks for the download and the feedback!   Where abouts do you keep losing? You do have to keep shooting the enemy however there isn't any time limits, when you get to a turn you have to swipe to turn and when the enemy shots you have to dodge his bullets.
  7. Catching Clowns - GTA meets Temple Run

    Sadly I have not played it but I will def check it out   Thanks for that reall hope you enjoy it!
  8. Catching Clowns - GTA meets Temple Run

    Thanks! really appreciate the feedback, have you played it? It's a free app would really like to hear any other feedback which you have and also any feedback that anybody else may have as well.
  9. Catching Clowns - GTA meets Temple Run

    I’m really pleased to introduce Catching Clowns to the gamedev community! The classic Hollywood chase sequence at your fingertips!   [attachment=18248:Example_1.jpg]   Google Play Store link: Apple App Store link:   Created over a period of around 6 months, the goal was to try and create a car chase sequence that we've all seen in action movies. The real challenge was to try and bring the same sensation to a phone, with intuitive controls that you can pick up and play, but also have enough depth to allow you to try and master.   [attachment=18249:Example_2.jpg] [attachment=18250:Example_3.jpg] [attachment=18251:Example_4.jpg] [attachment=18252:Example_5.jpg]   The environment is loosely based on the Vegas strip, taking inspiration from the bright lights and unique architecture of the city, as well as desert and forest areas. This provides a really vibrant backdrop for our chase action sequence.     [attachment=18253:Example_6.jpg] [attachment=18254:Example_7.jpg] [attachment=18255:Example_8.jpg] [attachment=18256:Example_9.jpg]   I’m still adding updates and tweaking game play based on feedback, so please please please download and write up a review. All your thoughts and ideas are greatly appreciated, and would really appreciate it if you could follow Catching Clowns on twitter.   Twitter link: Website link:   There is a trailer coming soon but for now here's a couple more shots!   [attachment=18257:Example_10.jpg] [attachment=18258:Example_11.jpg]