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  1. TheOdysseyLabs

    Tale Tapper: Paddy's Quest

    New review from Touch Arcade:   "The developers really did a good job of making the castle memorable, to the point where I'd want to see it again in a future release." - 4.0/5.0 - Touch Arcade
  2. TheOdysseyLabs

    Tale Tapper: Paddy's Quest

      Thank you! 
  3. TheOdysseyLabs

    Tale Tapper: Paddy's Quest

    New reviews:  "Clever and compelling, Tale Tapper: Paddy’s Quest is quite the unexpected treasure" - 4.5/5.0 - 148Apps  "If you’ve been wanting a stealth game then this is a must-buy for you!" - 9/10 - App Store Arcade
  4. TheOdysseyLabs

    Tale Tapper: Paddy's Quest

    Tale Tapper is now being featured by Apple in the new game list for Adventure and Family. We have a Black Friday sale ($0.99) from tomorrow until Dec 1st, make sure to grab it during the sale if you haven't yet! 
  5. TheOdysseyLabs

    Tale Tapper: Paddy's Quest

    Thank you for your comment Shane, we appreciate! I would also like to announce that our game is finally available in the App Store!   We have also released a new extended gameplay trailer, check it out!    
  6. TheOdysseyLabs

    Tale Tapper: Paddy's Quest

      Good morning guys, I would like to show you some early images and video of Tale Tapper, our upcoming game set to be released in Dec 2013 for multiple mobile platforms. Tale Tapper combines stealth and platform game elements to create a fast-paced gameplay experience that will progressively test the players’ reflex skills while demanding smart decisions to avoid enemies.           These are the first screenshots. We'll have soon more material to show as we get close to the release date. Our game is a stealth platformer where players explore the environments without being detected by guards or other enemies. The original aspects of the gameplay is the absence of conventional combat, one of the first design choices we made. By removing confrontations we created a much more tense and unique experience where smart choices and reflex skills replace the need for repetitive fights. The game offers always different and changing situations because of unpredictable line of sights and multiple secret ways to end complete each level. We wanted Tale Tapper to be an entertaining and innovative game so we removed violence to get fun in return. This a list of the main game features followed by a small teaser we recently made.       Please don't forget to also take a look at our website www.taletapper.com for more info or through our Facebook page! Thank you for watching and feel free to contact me on Twitter!       
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